Does anyone know if there is a waterproof case for the Dexcom G6 receiver?

Hi All,
I was just wondering if anyone knew if there are waterproof cases made for the Dexcom G6 receiver from otterbox or something similar? Thanks in advance for your help and Happy Holidays Glenn

Hi @Glennol . My insulin pump is my receiver so I’m not familiar with any, and my insulin pump is my receiver. There are some cell phone cases that are water resistant if not entirely waterproof resistant. .

“Waterproof” is simply defined as the capacity of an object (from hat, coat, camera to all kinds of camping equipment) to be impervious (big word and it means water won’t get in).

‘Water resistant’ means the water isn’t going to get in easily.

They won’t be an exact fit but might suffice. I have some spill-proof water bottles - a rubber gasket keeps my drink from spilling out and when closed and locked should keep liquid from getting in as well. That said, they’re large, the alerts may be difficult if not impossible to hear, and I don’t know about any obstruction of the signal.

Depending on what you’re using it for - (I’m guessing water sports :surfing_man:‍♂?) you might need to leave it in a safe space for a while then reconnect so it can catch up. If your glycemic awareness is good you may be okay for a while (this statement comes from someone who was out of college before the fires home bg meters cane out ) although that’s not ideal for everyone .
I hope you find something .

Glenn @Glennol a very simple solution for protecting the dedicated G6 Receiver from water is to just zip it into a see through plastic bag, and that way it is readily available for view under wet conditions. There are plkenty of these bags available at grocery stores designed to keep liquids inside when zipped closed, so it stands to reason that if liquid cant leak out, water won’t leak in.

I use my t-Slim pump as my principal receiver and my phone as secondary and I just put them in bags when there is chance getting dunked; even with the tube from the pump, water stays out.

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I use a waterproof cellphone holder that hangs around the neck when we are swimming

I do not use a cell phone except for talking, and use syringes,SO, when kayaking, either double bag in plastic, or, a glass jar from spaghetti sauce, you can see the thing that way

I have a water proof cell phone case - - the style that straps onto your upper arm - - like the ones used by athletes who want their phone one them, but out of the way. It has a clear window that makes it easy to read my numbers even in the rain or in the pool.

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On a side note (@moderators if I’m OT ding me and forgive me😊), does anyone remember the sports guard that came with the older Minimed pumps? My first pump was a Minimed 504. The infusion sets back then didn’t disconnect so you had to keep your pump in it when you showered, but it was also good for swimming and I believe contact sports.