Does anyone know of resources to buy cheap Medtronic pump supplies?

I’m a 45 yo T1d mother of 3, fairly new to pump therapy and on a Medtronic 670g pump for just over a year. So far, pump therapy has been a life saver, dropping my a1c from 9 to 6.4! I was told before I ordered my pump that I would need very good insurance, but coverages change and my bills are adding up. I’m currently on monthly payments for my pump as well as my overdue supply balance from my $1000 deductible. Add to that my oop for insulin, pump supplies, test strips, etc. Every month I have to make a decision between my health and the needs of my kids. I’ve found a few ways to cut my medical expenses (test strips on Amazon, stretching my sensor life, stretching tubing changes) but I’m interested if there are any other resources out there. Places to buy supplies other than from Medtronic? Organizations that help with supplies? I really don’t want to have to go back on shots, so any cost saving tips would be greatly appreciated!

I have used ADW and Total Diabetes Supply, they run specials all the time for 10% off and shipping is free if you order over $90-100. The infusion sets are around $120 a box, reservoirs are 35-45. You might also consider using Inset infusion sets. Lilly Humalog is the most expensive insulin. Novolog and Apidra are the cheaper. I know an integrated pump and CGM is nice as I used the Animas Vibe with Dexcom, but the cost of supplies was more than my budget. The Abbott Libre is 40.00 per 10 day sensor at Walmart and they will give you a free reader device if you fill out a form. Hope this helps. The lowest cost supplies are available in mexico or canada.

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