Does anyone play baseball and soccer?

I love to play baseball and soccer to keep me busy.  Does anyone else face challenges with keeping a steady blood sugar while playing those sports?

I love to play soccer! It's my fave sport ever! But my sugar always drops or gets high. So what i always do is everytime I get put on the bench is i run over to my parents and i check my sugar. when it's low i tell my coach and i sit out and drink some orange juice. When it's high i put my pump on and i do a correction. I used to not have a pump and it was hard to do a correction.



Hi Jake - granted, I'm a bit older than you but I grew up playing soccer and on a traveling team from when I was 9 until I was 18.  I also played baseball both in school and when I got older in adult leagues up until about 3 years ago.  I still play soccer about once a month.  To answer your question, yes, it can be a challenge.  Baseball will be easier for you being you have the 1/2 an inning that ur in the dugout.  Just test every couple of innings to make sure you are okay.  Soccer is a bit more tricky because you'll need less insulin due to the running but your adrenaline will cause your sugars to rise.  Don't let it stop you though.  I was back playing soccer 2 weeks after being diagnosed!  Test an hour before you play and then again 1/2 hour before you start just to make sure you are at a comfortable level. Make sure you have juice, gatorade or something like that ready on the sidelines if you go low.  If you come out of the game or at half time, make sure you test.  Having the data to show your doc will help you and he/she put together a plan for you. 

I play competitive soccer and it sucks when my blood sugar gets high because its hard to run around and do good. But it doesnt  stop me haha