Does Gluten Affect BS?

When I eat anything containing gluten, I have GI issues, cramping, bloating, and joint pain, so I think I may have Celiac's Disease. I've been gluten-free (and symptom-free) since mid-April, until about 3 weeks ago. I'm supposed to continue to eat gluten until my endoscopy in October. And for the past couple weeks, my BS has been crazy high a lot - for no apparent reason. I've asdjusted my scale, but I've still been getting a lot of random highs.

Basically, I'm wondrering if these weird BS readings could be due to Celiac's Disease.

Thanks :)

Hi! Though a lot of people with diabetes have celiac there is no direct connection between the two except  that they both have to do with the immune system :) however foods with gluten in them do tend to have high, long lasting carbs ( pasta, pizza ect) which could possibly be effecting your blood sugars if you have not eaten them in the past (or lately) The carbs associated with gluten are very rich- so if your not used to giving insulin for them it may be causing these weird numbers. Try taking insulin in separate  doses - half before you eat and half after to bring it down and keep it down. My doc says to always bolus before you eat but I know some people do it after. Hope this helps!

Thanks! My mom thought there might have been a correlation and I wasn't sure, so I thought I'd ask :) I have no idea what was going on before, but it seems to be better now... I had to change my ratio around a few times, but I'm good now. Thanks again :D

Another food stuff I would add to the list is refined wheat (in India we call it Maida). This is high gluten and also absorbs pretty fast to endup with high sugars. Wafers, chips, pasta,pizzas anda lotmore such products are high gluten. Have experienced and suffered myself and hence remain careful.

There actually is a connection between the two. Individuals with T1 Diabetes are significantly more likely to get Celiac Disease, and they share a lot of genetic markers.  1 in 10 individuals with T1 have Celiacs, as compared to 1 in 100 without T1.

Here's the link to the info on the JDRF main site:

Hope this helps!