Does having diabetes affect how we think?

Hey everyone-

I'm just wondering if anyone else thinks that having T1 affects how we think and observe others.

I just thought about this today when one of my friends was just drinking some water during class. I noticed him taking quite a big drink, and then thought back and realized that just in the last week or so he's been bringing a big water bottle with him to class (I have three classes with him, and he brings it to all of them). This got me thinking about how thirsty I was before I was diagnosed, and, naturally, it made me think, "What if he has diabetes?"

I remembered another time when I was about 10 or 11 years old, a year or two after my diagnosis (I'm 16 now), when one of my other friends began using the bathroom a lot, and I had similar thoughts.

I know that nothing was wrong with my friend several years ago and there is probably nothing wrong with my other friend today, but things like that occasionally just make me wonder...

So, I'm just wondering, am I the only one who has these thoughts, or do you have similar notions?



haha i do that too. and every once in a while i have them test with my monitor to "see what its like to be me"...really im just checking...

I think that all the time too. We are always trying to diagnose!

Apart from wondering if a friend's behavior has something to do with diabetes, I find myself sort of rolling my eyes inside when I see what some people think. You don't have to be a diabetic to have a blood sugar.

Ever had a donut? Allllllll that sugar.... sometimes I just chuckle to myself when I seem people dumping that junk in their system, then turn for my apple and all the while churn the knowledge 'round in my mind of how bad it is. Sometimes I think people wouldn't choose to do what they do or eat what they eat if they knew the technical processes of it all, or for example, the diabetic side. If that makes any sense.

I have two beautiful sons, and if they go to the bathroom twice in an hour I seem to have the bg monitor out.

Once my heart jumped as my 4 yo had a HI reading, but once I washed the honey off his hands (that I didn't know he had on them) he was back to normal. I really hope they don't acquire type 1!!

It is not just the watching people drink and bathroom that you start to look for. I watch all that stuff, but since going on the pump I start looking to see if anyone else has a pump, so I tend to be staring at pockets and such for the tubin, looking at hands, all that stuff. It is weird, I definitly think differently than my "normal" friends. It's not just you.