Does it annoy you

when you tell people you have diabetes and they tell you some story about their grandma and how they completely understand? I mean, I appreciate the support and the awareness, but there's no way someone can understand what it feels like and what we go through everyday because their third cousin twice removed has diabetes. I just wish they would use other words than 'Oh that sucks' and 'I totally know how you feel, cause my grandma has diabetes.'

hahaha omg i feel the same way!!

or the super cliche "doesnt nick jonas have that?",, yah he does,, what of it?!

sometimes other peoples ignorance drives me over the edge!

I completely agree! It drives me crazy. I also hate when people are completely ignorant about the subject and sit and try to tell you all of this stuff that they know about it, which happens to be all wrong or irrelevant to the discussion in the first place. haha.

lol thats well funny im newly diagnosed wit type 1 and the amount of people who ive told have all bin the same" yeh you must of ate too many sweet " or "my cousin has that u gotta walk round wit a mars bar in ur pocket" or tellin me i cant get drunk anymore like im some old man. people are just ignorant dont pay them any attention

i hate it when they are like my great grandma had diabetes and she had to have her leg amputated. but i know that people just want to help us so.... i try and just remember that

I hate it too! I wish they would stop saying. OH THAT SUCKS! or, my Grandma has diabetes. THERE'S A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2?!!  It's nuts. Then, this one time, this guy asked me if i had it. I was trying to explain to him the difference between type 1 and type 2, and that type 1 is genetic, and type 2 is usually overweight or older people. Next, he said that I might be overweight, so he wouldn't know...! That really hurts my feelings!!!

^^ wow i would have been really upset too... im sorry :( don't worry about people like that though they are just misinformed :)

I can't understand why people say oh I understand how you feel but you know what? They will probably never know what a low blod sugar or high blood sugar feels like. People try to describe it but they cant its impossible.

people dont know the difference between type 1 and 2. I just say one is autoimmune and the other is inflicted upon themselves. One is genetic and one is because of the way they treated their body.

OH MY GOD I TOTALLY AGREE!! i hate that most. people expect me to be happy for them or feel bad. i had one kid tell me i should feel sorry for them. oh yeah. i feel really bad for you because your uncle has diabetes. try being in high school with it, jerk.

I get that all the time, AlexisMarie. I'm getting pretty good at explaining T1D in about 5 seconds LOL.

I totally agree people in my school alway say "you have to be fat to have diabetes" or wow my grandpa has type 2 n he is fat why aren't you.. it annoys me. Then it doesn;t help when one day your sitting in health class an the topic is type one diabetes and it says on the screen you don't develope type 1 diabetes it always is wih you from  bad diet. i about flipped..

Hannah i would have too lol that is when you know when people are REALLY misinformed

omigosh bad teachers. i would be like umm, no.

I walked outta class i was really fustrated.!

I would too Hannah!

I agree! Im in seventh grade and people always ask me why I go down to the nurse 3 times a day. I have had diabetes for over a year and all of my friends still tell me about their grandparents and uncles and aunts having diabetes...well no one knows what we (type 1 diabetics) go through in our life. They don't have to come inside from hanging out with friends and test their blood sugar and have a snack and take a shot. People also need to know what the difference is between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It drives me crazy but I always know that someday we will find a cure for type one diabetes.

I really think that it should be required for people to learn about it, especially if they are teacher and people at hospitals, it is a dangerous and life threatening disease and it should be taken more seriously.

I can't even express how much I hate that. Only a couple of people have said it to me but it really bothers me. Most of my friends just apologized, which I don't really understand, but yeah.

Yeah, everybody does that it seems, but there is the occasional "Oh I have diabetes too" and you want to hug them :)