Does it hurt to incert the sensor?

I finally got my CGM after being on the pump for two years. I have a major fear of's crazy, 17 years of shots and still terrified! I am so scared to put on the sensor bc of the needle. Can you share with me the pain or lack there of? If you have had trouble don't share it with me ;) I am trying to syke myself up to doing it and just need some encouragment.

I use the navigator, and I had the same fear when I put my first sensor in, but I find that the sensors don't hurt nearly as much as pump sites do... It is more of a little pinch than anything else :)

Good Luck!!

I've been on the Freestyle Navigator for a while now and I don't think inserting the sensor hurts.  Taking the adhesive off at the end of a wear is the worst part, so if you can handle taking off a band-aid you can handle this.  You can do it!

I use the Dexcom Seven Sensor and I must say that it is not as painful putting in the sensor as I thought it would be.  Truth-be-told, I hate products that automatically insert (similar to pulling a trigger) but with Dexcom, you control the speed at which the sensor goes in.  If you were to look at the product, you would see that putting the sensor in is similar to using a needle:  push the plunger down and the needle goes into the skin.  Then when it clicks twice, pull the plunger out and the needle is removed from your skin, leaving the sensor.  Add transmittor and you're done.  When the sensor is spent (it goes for about 7 days and the receiver tells you when it's about to expire), pulling it off is absolutely painless.  Rotate sites adequately and you should have no problem with this brand.  I recommend it highly!  The size of the sensor + transmittor is pretty small and the tape that holds it on is quite strong.  I went swimming all weekend and with showers every day, it still made it to day 7 without falling off.  You should be fine Heidi, but if you are truly afraid of needles still, always try and use a product that allows you to have complete control of the speed in which the needle goes in.  I will be the first to admit that when I first started with Dexcom's CGM, it took me 3 minutes just to get the needle in my skin and another 30 seconds to pull it out, but I was not fearful because I could stop at any time and proceed as slowly as I needed to.


It depends on which CGM you are using. I have used both the Minimed one and currently use the Dexcom CGM. The Dexcom you barely feel and as Casey stated you do have more control about inserting the Sensor and using it and the like. Not to mention you can technically extend the wear to up to 14 days, usually the tape has died by around day 13 for me). The Minimed to be brutal is a bit of a (expletive). The needle is very thick and using the serter is still a little rough. I would have some sites where it would be a very nice insertion. However, more often I would have some pain to more pain. Not that I want to scare you from the Minimed CGM if that is what you are going to be using, but it may be a little shocking. All in all though, the pain is livable and no worse than if you were to go and have blood drawn.


I do not mean to change the topic, but how do you extend the life of the dexcom sensor to 14 days?  Even though I do not pay anything because my insurance covers it at 100%, it would be nice to only have to change every other week. 

When the sensor "dies" or is nearing its end. Just either stop the sensor or let it die. After that, just go and start the "new" sensor. Do not remove the transmitter, do not take out the sensor site, do not pass go and collect $200. You just have to go through the two hour start up window again.

I just tried the Medtronic CGM Sensor last week for the first time and it was amazing! Inserting the sensor was SO easy and didn't hurt one bit! Even better, I wore it for five days and never noticed it at all! LOVED IT! 

the needle is so thick but i only feel i go in, no pain at all. it just feels wierd going in.

Once it is all said and done you should not feel anything. The going in can be painful from time to time but that is the case with the infusion sites and everything else. The needle on the MM is big, but in truth the pain is something that is temporary.

I put my on my CGM today and it went great. I did not even feel the needle go in! Thanks for all your comments!

it is brutal, i was bleding like crazy, i almost died