Does Stress Always Cause High Blood Sugar?

I have seen discussions about stress and high blood sugar many times, on the diabetes sites. My impression is that stress does cause high blood sugar for almost all diabetics. I do know, however, that stress does not have that effect on all diabetics. I have faced many very stressful situations during my 65 years of diabetes, but my blood sugar was not affected. There are many things that can cause my blood sugar level to rise, but stress is not one of them. I am a very relaxed and calm individual and I rarely lose my temper. I think my basic personality keeps my blood sugar stable when I experience stress. This is one of several reasons why I have maintained an A1c below 6.0 for so many years.

Another closely related topic is excitement. I don't think that is a form of stress, what do you think? Excitement can cause my blood sugar to drop. I have to test frequently when I am excited. My Dexcom CGM is especially useful when I am excited. I eat glucose tablets when I experience situations that cause me to become very excited. Do any of you have lows when you are excited?

Excitement and anxiety always make me drop as well, Richard.  It's amazing how little insulin I need when I'm really jazzed about something.  :D  Temp basals are my friend!

Stress and Anxiety actually makes my blood sugar drop. I've been diabetic for over a year now and noticed that it happens now and again. This year was my first year in university and i was sooo stressed the first week it was a struggle to keep my blood sugars up. i think im an exception to the stress and high blood sugar rule!

Stress in the form of anger makes my blood sugar go up....stress in the form of fear or being startled makes me drop.  Also, I've noticed that if I'm already semi-low in the morning, a stressful drive to school will drop me lower. (Which is just lovely while driving on one of the worst highways in the country.)  Lol


Hi Richard -

Stress affects me very differently, depending on the situation. When I get frustrated or angry about something, which is often the case with my thesis work, I notice that I tend to have high glucose levels. But when I get anxious, my levels tend to drop. Not a fun gamble. I'm looking forward to getting my CGM from MInimed to help me figure out these patterns, and what I can do to control them better!