Does stress have anything to do with your blood sugar levels?

Does stress have anything to do with your blood sugar levels? I have noticed my blood sugars going really high when i get frustrated with my dad situation. My parents r divorced and i lived with my parents 50/50 and when i was at my dads house we always fought and it wasnt good and soo in august i made the decision to move in with my mom full time.... my blood sugars fell into range quickly and i was very happy! But i havemt spoke to my dad since because he refuses to speak to me :(  and it seems like when i think about  how im not going to be with him on christmas or thanksgiving or something im used to being with him with i get stressed out and before i can say abc my blood sugars is crazzzzzy high! Is this because of stress or am i assuming the wrong thing?

Yes, when you are stressed out your body releases epinephrine and norepinephrine which raises your BG. Cortisol and growth hormones also raise your BG.

Thanks courtney!!! That makes sense!

You're welcome :)

Amber: Sorry about your home situation, must be tough.


Courtney:Thanks to your first post, this is the first post in which i had to use a dictionary on juvenation..haha. But thanks for the information!

haha I know a lot about this stuff! haha, you're welcome.

Stress absolutely effects bs . . . I always have to increase my basals by 15-20% when finals role around (right now) haha

okkk and ya i guess you guys r right becacue i just had to go in the same room as my dad and my stress level went from 0 to 2837463498756349578634 in like 5 minutes and now my blood sugar is 443

 My dad has worked mine up there too. but so does my mom.

=) it gets better.