Dogs and seizures

I know there are many programs training dogs to alert for hyper and hypoglycemia.  I thought about it for my 7 year old until I realized she had to have the dog with her at all times.  If she had troubles with hypoglycemia at school I would but that seems over the top to me.  I have had 3 seizures in 26 years of type 1.  Both times that I was at home and had a seizure in the kitchen on my way for orange juice my dog alerted my mom and then my husband (2 different dogs).  They woke my family out of a deep sleep and they were able to help me.  Cool isn't it?  If you don't have a dog I suggest you get one, I will always have a dog in my house.  Has this happened to anyone else?

Animals in general are very in tune with things that we as humans are not. When I was younger, I passed out down a flight of stairs one time when my blood sugar was low and my dog (at the time) ran and got my mom. This is not true for all dogs though. I work with dogs and will say that some definitely seem to have an innate sense of when my blood sugar is low and I've picked this up in their behavior. But there's also dogs that I think if I were laying on the floor they just step right over me as if nothing were wrong. lol I remember seeing a news clip on TV a while back about a certain type of monkey, in which diabetes is quite common in their breed and they can somehow tell when a human's blood sugar is low and can be trained to go grab you something to eat or drink.


You should read Mary Tyler Moore's new book, she talks about this topic as well.

What kind of dog was it? My dog never knows when I am low.

Black lab mix from the Humane Society- very smart!