Doing Great and then WHAM ... Gotta Change?

Okay so I am sure I am not the only one who has this problem, but I must say it is EXTREMELY annoying and it just makes me depressed for a few days.  I'll be doing great.  Blood sugars are great, everything is doing well and then all of a sudden my blood sugars go crazy.  I am not sick (figure this out after extensive testing) and yet they just change for what appears to be no reason.  This just does nothing but upsets me because I think "I am doing everything right and for no reason it screws up".  Does anyone else have this problem???  This happens to me at least 1 time a year or maybe 2 times. 


When it comes to dealing with blood sugar and the like, things change. We have so many issues that can affect us, change us, or make us go crazy number wise. I mean, many things could be effecting you.If you are using a pump, your infusion set ould be off a little or hitting scar tissue which will block absorption. It can be annoying, but you have time to fix it and change it. If you can't get it on your own, you can always call your doctor for help.

Happens to me frequently.  Just when i think I got it down and my 15 day average is around 129, WHAM it goes out of whack again.  My doctor told me this is something he hears alot from his patients.  So, please don't get depressed, it's just the way it works (for you and I anyway!).

This has happened to me lots of times and right now too and I have no clue whats causing it because I know I'm not sick.