Doing pretty good

We took Ava for her first quarterly check up today. It went really well. Her sugar levels are doing well, and we seem to have a handle on things. Our clinic didn't know about this part of JDRF so they are excited to have another resource. We changed the math on the way we are doing her shots, but it just puts on paper what I had already figured out. 

Today I'm feeling like we are in control not Type 1. Ava is happy and healthy and anyone who met her would never know, not that we try to hide it. It's just that today it doesn't feel like such a raw deal as it did a fews back. 

I hope that gives some hope to you new moms and dads. I fully expect more hurdles, but the great news is, it doesn't have to define your family. 

That's great news.  :)  So glad to hear it - happy and healthy are good things to be!

Take it in stride. Things are going well now, so celebrate it! You definitely deserve it after all the hard work :o)

Yay!!! I'm glad things are going better.  We're all rooting for you!

Avasma, your post is the definition of adjustment, congratulations!

This is great news to hear! Congratulations :) Indeed there will be hurdles but it will make everyone in your family stronger and im sure Ava will be an inspiration for diabetics and non-diabetics alike!