Donate dexcom g5

Good morning are a still giving the senors ?

I have sensors about 8-10 sensors

Can you please email me

I can’t remember if the g4 and g5 sensors are the same. If they are and you still need some or would like some I have 2-3 boxes that I no longer need. Let me know if you would like them.

They should be the same and yes please

Have you sent out the senors yet please let me know .

I might have two or three. Are you still interested?
Let me know!

Yes I’m still needing a few thank you

Great. I have tow sensors only and we live in Maryland.

Let me know how you want me to send them to you.



Two boxs or twos senors and what is your email I can send you my address

Hi Britany I just sent you a message.

What is your email? If you can pay for shipping I will send the boxes that I have.

How many did you have and how much for shipping

I have 3 brand new boxes. Not sure how much shipping is but it was shipped by FedEx in a large box. Shipping label says 3lbs.

Have you sent it already ?

No I don’t have your info. I was referring to the shipping label on the box it came in. Are you able to buy the label and email it to me? If you’re still interested in them.

Is that how much it is and yes once you send it and I get the tracking number send me an invoice from PayPal son I can refund

I have the dexcom G5, sensors and adhesive. If interested please email me