Donate Pump, Dexcom and Misc Supplies

I like many others have changed/upgraded. With that I still have a working Animas Vibe and a Dexcom G4. No sensors left though. Both are functional and I may have some misc supplies left. These may be good for someone who is still using the Vibe and wants to carry a back up if we ever travel again, or is currently having issues and not ready to purchase a new one. Just ping me and let me know if you are interested, or if anyone knows someone I could donate them to. I sent a message to the Pay it Forward group and have not had any luck. Nor have I come up with any good options local.

Thanks for being willing to share, Joseph, and welcome to our community! At one time I had an endocrinologist who would accept items that you describe, and you may want to check with endos in your area. You could also check with a local JDRF chapter to learn if there is a need for any of those items. Good luck!