Donating 20% of Etsy Sales to JDRF!

I hope that it is ok to post a message like this here - if not, I apologize!!


I've had diabetes for 26 years and discovered my love of jewelry making while at a camp for girls with diabetes way back when!  I've recently opened a shop on Etsy, after making more jewelry than I could ever possibly wear and having friends ask if they could make them some.  I thought that I could use my site to help raise money for the JDRF!  Year around I donate 10% of every purchase to the JDRF.  In honor of my 15th year doing the Walk to Cure Diabetes, from August 1st to September 31st, I will instead be donating 20% of every purchase.


If you like jewelry and hair accessories please check out my site or share the link with your friends!!



Thank you!!