Donating Dexcom G5 mobile sensors

I recently switched to the G6, immediately after receiving a shipment of G5 sensors. So I have 13 G5 sensors to donate to anyone in need. The expiration date is September 2020.

I’m new on here my little boy is Type 1 diabetic and he uses the G5 dexcom but I tend to run out of supplies due to the cost. Even though we have insurance we have a high deductible it’s the plan we can afford so at the first of the year it’s extremely tough to keep his supplies shocked so the CGM supplies are the ones I never have enough of for him to continually use so we have tl use his meter for awhile until we earn enough money to get a monthly supply. So if you truly don’t need or will be using the G5 sensors you have leftover I would gratefully love to have them. It would be a BLESSING to us because the reason I advocated for him to start using the CGM was after he had a seizure in the middle of the night because his blood sugar dropped too low and bc he was asleep he didn’t know he was becoming low and thankfully my daughter heard him and ran to our room to wake us up . It scared us so bad that we still don’t sleep well at night but having the CGM has been a huge help bc instead of getting up and checking his blood sugar I’m able to look at my phone and see what it is and like you already know it alerts me when he is very low so the sound wakes me up and I can treat the low before he causes him to have a seizure. So of course my goal is for him to use his CGM daily. So if you haven’t found anyone to donate them to yet I could honestly really use them for my son they will be put to good use because right now he doesn’t have one to put on come Tuesday when it’s time to change it . Please let me know I would greatly appreciate it !

Happy to send them to you. Having a child with type 1 must be very difficult. Let me know where to send the sensors.

Let me know by noon (Pacific time) on Sunday (Jan 5th) if you are still interested in the supplies. Otherwise I will give them to someone else who has expressed interested in them.


I can pay you for shipping my address is
264 Holly Hills Rd
Cameron NC 28326

Just let me know how to pay you for shipping I have pay pal account .

I really appreciate it ! Thank you

I sent the sensors to you this morning. Due to arrive on Friday. I have a tracking number as well. Do send me a private email from whatever mail service you use.

From the tracking number, I see you have received the sensors.

Hello I was cleaning out my closet today and found 6 boxes of unopened G4/G5 sensors we no longer need. If anyone can use them please feel free to reach out

Hi I would love to have the sensors if you still have them. I don’t will pay shipping . My little boys insurance doesn’t cover these yet . Thank you

I have a box of four G5 sensors, expires July 4. Do you want them?

@PeterBarrer Peter my daughter could really use the sensors here is my email

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