Donating G5 and MiniMed Mio Supplies

We switched my son to the Dexom G6 and Tandem T:slim pump.
I am donating the following items listed below. All I ask is that you take care of the shipping costs. Hoping this can help someone out during these crazy times. Please leave your email in the reply. Thank you

Qty. 1 - Dexcom G5 Transmitter. We did not use it. I am not sure if it works.
Qty. 18 - Dexcom G5 Sensors
Qty. 17 - MiniMed Reservoirs 3.0ml (CE0459)
Qty. 17 - MiniMed Mio Infusion Sets (6mm 18" #5458703)

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Hi @cbliss40 and welcome to TypeOneNation. That’s really nice of you.

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@cbliss40 Do you still have your g5 sensors available if so I would love to get them i can pay for shipping
My email is