Donation of USED insulin pens and lanceting devices?

Hello! I recently cleaned out some old supplies that I no longer need and found two empty refillable insulin pens and two lanceting devices that were well-used in the early 2000s, but to my knowledge they’re still functional (I don’t have any supplies to test them with, but their buttons all seem to work.) The pens are both Novopen Juniors and I have one well-used soft case. One lanceting device is Accu-Chek Softclix and the other is BD. (TBH I’m not sure if these companies still make supplies that work with these older models.) I’m reluctant to throw them out, but I can’t find an organization that will take used supplies. Does anyone want them, or know of a place that will accept used supplies? See photo. I can handle the shipping.

Hello @LisaW1 welcome to Type One Nation. That is very nice of you!! You can try these organizations I hope you can find new homes for them.

This may be veering a bit off topic, but any suggestions on what to do with old insulin pumps? I typically keep my old working pump when I get my new one so I’ll have an emergency backup, just in case. But in truth they just sit around gathering dust and are eventually forgotten about.
I found a 500-generation Minimed as I was going through a box the other day😳 (it’s so old you can’t even get the cartridges for those anymore but it’s just an example of how equipment that might have been re-usable in its day, may end up going to waste). I really feel guilty about throwing them out and almost wish they could be returned when the new one is set up so the manufacturer can recycle them in some way.

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