Don't Have to Carry around Calorie King anymore

This is not earth shattering or anything in relation to diabetes but I finally broke down and got an Android phone (like the I-phone) and found found multiple apps for diabetes. I found an easy (yes easy) to use one for Fast Food restauants called fast food e counter. Touch the screen - touch the button for the fast food restaurant and just scroll. Also have one that includes all the grocery store etc items. Its nice to be at a restaurant and find the answer without bringing the book with me.  Its a small thing but anything that takes even a little hassle of diabetes is nice.

I lost my calorie king book and saw no reason to replace it, having an iPhone.  Smart phones do make carb counting much easier!

The only thing I like about having the book is that I could sometimes flip to exactly what I needed a little faster, but that rarely makes me wish I had the book...  More often than not, I used to flip to the section I needed and wonder why the heck they had such a limited sampling!  You can't fit the entire menu of every restaurant in a such a little book.

Keith,I thought you were going to announce you had it memorized! (;

Now I'm disappointed...

I think the biggest thing I disliked about Calorie King was having to keep track of multiple copies (one in the car, one in the house, a spare and a spare for the spare. When we would enter a restaurant then the book would come out (if I remembered to bring in the book lol). I had made a notebook with the menu info you get from fast food restaurants but that did not work at all.  The pump food data base does not access info all that quickly (not as fast as the droid app.).  I knew the carbs for the standard items that I would use all the time but sometimes when you wanted something different the search went on.  The app is nice and user friendly with color photos of the icons of the fast food restaurants and has the ones most people think about even the regional ones.

I would think that they would update this app to update the menu's which is something a book can't do. I big regret is not seeing the face of the autho in the little hat on the cover of the book. 

Hi Sarah - so funny. I did look at the photo of your little one with the Diabetes Mom t-shirt. SOooooo cute and the shirt was neat also. 

I carried the book around for about two weeks. I learned some basics. Now when I'm home I might get online and check out carb info, but when I'm out, I am an avid SWAG-er. It works out well for me 80% of the time (I guess it's not so SWAG...)


We have things pretty well memorized lol. I normally go online if I am home and when we go out we look stuff up online first or guess after we get there. I am getting pretty dang good at it now. I think we use it most for veggies and fruits.