Dont know what to do

I signed up to become an advocate a couple of weeks ago and i just turned 18,i really dont know about walking into a legislaters office and just start talking about my personnel experience kinda scares:)Ive never really stood infront of a bunch people trying teach and convince them on J.D. but i really want to helpdoes anyone have any ideas? or suggestions/

Good for you for taking the fist step in making a difference.  For a lot of people, speaking in front of others can be very intimidating.  One thing that may help you... don't think of it as a group.  When you are speaking, look at each to them.  Eventually, you won't notice the group, but you will feel a connection with the people there.  Most likely when you meet with the reps there will only be a few people there.  They are people too.  They probably even know someone with diabetes.  Don't let their status frighten you.  I have met many or my state reps over the years and all of them have been very nice and down to earth.  Good luck!  Keep us informed on how it goes.

Thats awesome! Im a JDRF youth ambassador, and the other Y.A's and I had to take these classes and stuff on speach making, and we had to make a speach of our diagnosis, and stuff like that.

But I've never gotten my oppurtunity to say my speech..  I really want to though, My diagnosis is one thing I dont mind talking about, cuz its not embarrassing, it means something to me, so just put your emotions in what you say, and your audience will feel the same way, and want to help for a cure.. its my life, Im a diabetic, I want a cure, I will do what it takes... you should make some notes Involving CARL, if you dont know what CARL is, hes a public speaking tool, google him, and make sure you have the info it gives.. it will help with confidence :) and it wilkl make you more prepared

hi mox,

i can help you figure out how to approach your advocacy efforts. you can email me at or call me at 202-465-4111 and we can discuss. i work for JDRF Advocacy and Government Relations and have information to get you started. sorry getting back to you after such a delay, i just started using juvenation on a regulart basis.

you can also check out our Promise to Remember Me Campaign for more information on how to discuss JD with Members of Congress.

hasan shah