Don't want to bug people.... but I need some encouragement!

So I've had Diabetes for almost 7 years now, and I know I haven't been doing the right things lately....


I'm on the pump, but I am having some issues with sites messing up or just not finding a good spot. I'm an athlete, so my arms typically aren't great site locations and everywhere else has a LOT of scarring :P any suggestions??? After my latest site problem, I took my pump off and went on a vacation from it haha So I'm on shots for the next few days, probably until after prom, just to breathe for awhile.

So here's my main problem: I'm motivated because I know what the effects of bad D control have on me, but I'm so tired of it! I want to feel good and not tired and sick all the time, I want to feel like I can overcome anything, but without D control, that's next to impossible! I guess I'm in a funk haha I looked at my meter history and realized that I'd be dead if my mom/doc saw my meter... not because of numbers, but the lack of them... I need some encouragement to check more and take control, but I don't want to be a burden! I feel like asking my friends might bother them (it's not their responsibility!) but family support is not an option for me. My dad is more than not educated about diabetes, and my mom is so stressed, I don't want to put the pressure on her. Any suggestions??? Help!

Alyssa, don't give up! Sometimes dealing with diabetes seems impossible (I've had it 20 years so I know. I'm 26 now) and pretending like it isn't there seems so much easier. But please, please take care of yourself. I didn't and now I'm paying the price. If you take care of yourself now it will be so much easier in the long run!

I know it's hard but you can do it! One day at a time. It must be even harder without people around you who understand. If you ever need advice, tips or encouragement please come to me. I'll even give you my phone number and email address. Hang in there and keep fighting, you'll be amazed at what you can do!



I think we've all been where you are right now. Sometimes we actually need to hit rock bottom, with diabetes or anything really, before we can begin to appreciate our health. I'm not saying that we should all go around not taking care of ourselves, but sometimes because of all the stress of having diabetes and life in general we just have to take a break. The important thing is to realize as soon as possible how much better life is when you do have good control. Just stop for a second and look around, think about the two paths you can take.. Think about all the things you enjoy in life. Sure, diabetes sucks. But won't you enjoy life more if you are in control of it? Won't you enjoy being around your friends more if your sugar is in the 100s? Won't you enjoy your prom more if you're not passing out? And are you not sending a more positive message to everyone you love by persevering through all the finger pricks, site changes, and injections than you are by letting this obstacle get in your way? By maintaining good control and being the best you can be, are you not a champion and a role model to those who look up to, are you not an inspiration?

Your meter isn't a judge.  It's just a tool that tells you if you need to eat something or take some insulin.  

The only reason to test is to use that info to adjust your insulin dosage or prevent a low.  I never found it motivational to test because I had to.  

Have to say that with a pump I have so much more control though.  With shots it felt like I was randomly high and low, and it's hard not to take bad numbers personally.  If you try the pump again make sure to try different infusion sets like the Silhouette or Sure T.  

It's okay to take a testing vacation.  A lot of us were diabetics for years before glucose meters existed.  But I also feel a lot better when I test more and have fewer lows or bad highs.  

Everybody struggles as a teenager and diabetic teens struggle with their diabetes.  Just try to do your best and not be too hard on yourself.  Your frustration won't last forever.