Double Dose in the morning? :/

So, in the mornings, I take Lantus as soon as I wake up, then do my usual morning things. Well, this morning, after I brushed my teeth, I walked back into my room and had no idea if I took my Lantus or not! So, out of slight panic and uncertainty, I took it......posssibly again! So I'm left now not knowing if I just gave my self twice the dose of my Lantus. I'm sure this has happened to other people, any tips for how careful I need to be today? And was it the smart move, to take it if I wasn't sure I took it the first time? Bleh, it's going to be an interesting day for me :////

It's usually better to not take the insulin because you can always correct a high until your next dosing time. For today, keep a close eye on your BGs and eat frequently if you notice them start to drop. Thankfully, because it's a long-acting insulin, you shouldn't have the huge plummet you would if you took your fast-acting insulin twice.

You're going to be ok :o) Just take things easy today. Is there a way you can work out a system to remind yourself whether or not you took your insulin - like a tally on a chart or used needle in the garbage or something?

Thank you :) I usually remember taking it everday but this morning was one of those foggy, groggy, mornings :P Thank you for the advice, I feel less freaked out now. ha