Double Injection of Single Dose


Has anyone ever given your normal dose of insulin in two injections vs the normal one? I usually give 48 units of levemir (long acting), but the syringes I got delivered are 30 unit max. Was wondering if I can just do two injections - one of 30, and one of 18 at the same time.

I am obviously going to get the syringe situation fixed, but they wont be ready for pickup until tomorrow. I have left a message for my doctor too. But just thought I would see if anyone has input.

Hey there @stonn1219! Welcome to TypeOneNation! I’m glad you’re here. :slight_smile:
Yes, I’ve given my long-acting dose via two syringes before! I’m on Lantus (very similar to Levemir) and there was a period of time where my dose was above 30 units, so I just did two injections at the same time. My endo was the one who recommended this and I never had any issues with it!

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Thank you!! I thought it seemed fine, but was totally second guessing myself!

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@stonn1219 Hi Sabrina, Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!!! And, from reading between the lines of what you wrote, welcome also to this wonderful world of autoimmune [TypeOne] Diabetes. May I suggest, and you have probly heard this, that you take diabetes in stride, learn what you can, watch what your body is telling you, and live a full, active, and productive life - don’t let diabetes hold you back.

Yes, you certainly “split” your dose of long-acting insulin into two syringes; and even when you use two different injection sites. Way back when, I began my diabetes-life using the new NPH that came into existence in 1954 - the feature of this type insulin was that “only one shot per day was needed”. By 1959, when I was in college, my insulin needs began exceeding 80 units per day - the insulin strength was U-80 and a glass syringe wouldn’t accommodate more than 80 units.