Double Transplant Fix

Hey Everyone, just an FYI, Interesting local news story.  The girl in the story says her "diabetes disappeared" with the help of a kidney/pancreas tranplant.  Here is the link

Just frustrates me that the people with severe complications get the attention and those of us that stay on top of it just get a pat on the back.  I did see the survival rate is only 85% over 5 years, which is a bit scary and makes you think twice before jumping on board w/ somethin like this.  I would hate to be one of those 15%.


Hello Jason,

I received a double transplant ( Kidney/Pancreas) in 1996 at Stanford.  I was diagnosed with type one at age 12 (1972).  Let me be the first to tell u that it has been a life changing time.


That is great, I'm curious were you having any severe complications that made you a candidate for the transplant?  Was it a cure for your diabetes?  How did you find a doctor that could do it for you?





At the time, I was going into end stage renal failure in 1994.  Just by a  miracle when I was scheduling for Dialysis ( to get the stints put in 1996.), they call me 1 hour later and said that they found a donor for me.  It took 6 hours to perform the surgery and I had no complications at all.  The kidney and pancreas began working right away! 

I have not had any of the major side effects of the immuno- supressive drugs, ( Cellcept or Prograf)

It did cure my diabetes for 11 years, as the pancreas stop functioning about 3 years ago.  But the Kidney is still doing well.  At that time I did not have to take any insulin in the 11 years and also reverse some of the complications that I was having, such as:  Gastroparesis.  I have not had any heart or nerve issues.  Have had laser surgery on my eyes a few times and just recently, cataract surgery for both eyes.

Stanford was the one that recommended to me to have a double transplant, as they felt it would be a disadvantage to have a kidney only and still have diabetes.  Back then, the pancreas was experimental at the time. 

Today I was just approved to have a another Pancreas transplant at the Univ of Chicago Medical Center.  I am currently on the Revel insulin pump and had had very good control of my diabetes, but really looking forward to being insulin free again!  If you like to discuss more in detail, my email is or you can call me at 702-575-8037.