Double Whammy


I'm just curious, does anyone else have Type 1 with Insulin resistance?  If so, how much Lantus to do take and what's your carb ratio?

I am currently on 50 Lantus

and my carb ratio is 1/7

I am still new to all of this, and recently told I am type 1 its scary but my fiance is a wonderful support.


hi Violet, sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis.  I am a little insulin resistant, and even thought I don't know you  (nor am I a doctor) your ratio and basal insulin doesn't sound all that high to me. 

Coffee increases resistance, cortisol (something your body makes a lot of in the morning) increases resistance, body fat increases resistance, so will a sedentary lifestyle, and many other things like steroids, stress, estrogen... etc.

my niece weighs 110-120 lbs and very active and atheletic, and takes almost twice the amount of insulin I do, and I am 165 lbs, and reasonably fit.     There's a great book called think like a pancreas that I urge you to take a look at if you are interested.  Anyway your first job is to work on glucose control and I hope you are doing okay with that.

oh to answer your question re: carbs - mine are: 7 until after lunch then 8

Thanks Joe,

I recall when I was far more active (prior to humalog) I only needed Lantus and some metformin to keep my levels between 100-200.  I can recall the days when if I saw a 200 I thought it was the end of the world. Now with the Insulin resistance and a complete change of life, which includes stress... I have been thankful to see only 200's.  My Endo Doc and I are working on finding how much insulin it takes to get me to respond. I am planning on getting back into a workout routine, now that my blood pressure is no longer an issue.