DPN - diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Hi. I am interested in connecting with other T1s who know about SUCCESSFUL treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. I love being active and DPN is running my life (and my husband's!). I am taking gabapentin, which provides some relief, but am looking for more and better options. I am also taking ALA supplements 3x/day. I am considering adding Metanx. I have tried acupuncture, topical compounds (yuck - makes my feet feel squishy!), etc. ANY IDEAS/ suggestions?

Along the same lines, my endo told me he does not deal with DPN & suggested I go to an internal med doc or neurologist. I realize everyone has their specialty but I thought this was a bit odd. I mean, not dealing with complications seems unreal!


hi Kath,  sorry I don't have any ideas for successful treatment of DPN, but I do have a question; why wouldn't you go see a specialist?  I mean, I like my endo, but I don't ask her to laser my retina - retinopathy (a complication) is treated by retina specialist, not an endo - and it doesn't seem that unreal... .does it?  good luck to you!

I was just diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. So far, I have tingling, pain and numbness in both feet that gets worse at night. The pain often wakes me up at night. After I exercise, I have noticeable soreness in my calf muscles. I am a former triathlete and have been doing weight training and cross fit classes for years. This is very debilitating. My doctor is taking more blood test and then will refer me to a neurologist for EMG and nerve connectivity testing. Have any of you had these tests?