Dr. Natura Colonix Cleanse

has anyone ever tried the Dr. Natura Colonix cleanse?  or any other "cleanse" diet/program??  I have done a lot of research and DrNatura seems to be the best.

I have been really interested in doing a cleanse as a jump start to my new approach regarding my health (currently, my diabetes is out of control and I am taking the steps to get it back on track).   Even though I eat pretty healthy, I can't imagine how much toxic waste has built up in my system over the years from processed food , etc.  


I am, of course, going to check with my doctor next week before I do anything, but thought I would put it out here in the meantime.


 Thoughts??  Any other cleanses you tried? Bad/good experiences??  can't wait to hear :)



The gut is a pretty amazing organ system, and I don't think toxic substances are prone to linger in your intestines unless you have some sort of bowel disease.  If you are really worried that you may have a gastrointestinal health issue, consult your primary care physician and ask him/her if a referral to a gastroenterologist would be appropriate.

Some of the "cleanse" diets may help you lose some weight, but a lot of those cleanses are nothing but hoaxes to scam you out of your money.

mad is right :o) typically the weight you lose on a cleanse diet is due to water loss, and not actual fat loss (cleanses also typically mean you aren't eating anything, which is also bad). your gut also has good bacteria and flora in it that our bodies need, cleanse diets will typically wash those out of our systems (this could result in diarrhea, which results in more water loss).

if you are truly interested in weight loss, the best way to do it is diet + exercise. calories in vs. calories expended.

I am not interested in the cleanse to lose weight.  From the research I have done, your body can build up mucus, toxins and metabolic waste especially from processed foods, even without a bowel disease.  This particular cleanse is very high in fiber and it is said to help expel any toxic waste that may be stuck in the folds or crevices of the colon.  In turn waste can move more freely through the digestive system.  It is also enriched with vitamins to replenish the good bacteria and flora, as you mentioned, that our bodies need.  ha ha, it sounds like I am trying to sell this product!!  I am simply trying to see if anyone has tried this cleanse.  I am not looking for one of those lemonade diets or a cleanse where you don't eat.   The idea of detoxing my liver and cleaning out my system is what intrigues me.  I will keep you updated once I talk to my doc.


Thanks for sharing!

You can probably also accomplish that by regularly eating a high fiber diet (30g/day is recommended). I'm glad you're talking with your doctor before you start. I haven't done a lot of research on cleanse diets, so I can't give you much in the way of information. I just remember they aren't typically recommended.

Good luck! I hope it goes well for you :o)

Cudos to you C!

Throughout my studies and whatnot in Dietetics and the culinary arts fields... It has been seen in almost all studies that thes "cleanse" diets are truly no more than fads. They were orignally created for people whom had some other temporary digestive issue and were originaly meant as a one time treatment. There is a reason that while using these cleanses that you body becomes so weak, its not meant as sustanance.

Not to blow the whole idea out of the water, but as C commented on, the best route for reversal of these "toxins" AKA mucus', pore and aterial clogging entities and such is to acquire higher amounts of fiber in your diet. Also depending on your course of food rgemine, you could also incorporate one of these cleanses along with an altered health plan!

I myself started researching all of this back a few years and resulted in myself changing my food regimin to a vegetarian foundation (meats in moderation)... And needless too say my interest in my current schooling programs was born!

I would be inclined to agree with everyone elses postings. I honestly think you will get more bang for your buck health-wise if instead you spend that money towards something else like a few personal trainer sessions or some new work out gear