Dr. Oz

He was talking about pumpkin seeds,sunflower.etc. being good for us to eat-then he said Flax was good if you have d ....wonder what that does ? the others are heart healthy.I am always looking for little ways to add better things into my teens diet.One thing is protein because she is not a meat eater.Do you know what Flax does ?

Flax has high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids in them, a lot of fiber, too.  Fiber is great because it slows down the absorption of glucose, so your post-meal spike in blood sugar isn't as high.

Omega 3's benefits are probably more than we even understand.  It has been shown to decrease risk of everything from stroke to depression.  It's pretty amazing.  It's likely that this Dr. Oz recommends flax especially for type 1's because of their ability to decrease inflammation in the body and stroke risk.  Omega-3's contribute to a cascade that eventually leads to local hormones that vasodilate (expand the blood vessels) and anti-coagulate (decrease clot formation), both of which decrease stroke risk.  Omega-6's contribute to a cascade that lead to less of the formation of these beneficial, anti-stroke local hormones.

The typical American diet, processed foods, fast foods, and very little fish intake (which also have omega 3's), is very pro-omega-6 fatty acid.  No wonder why we have extremely high rates of stroke, heart disease (since the clot formation that increases your risk of stroke also increases your risk of heart disease), and other inflammatory conditions.  Omega 3's are GREAT for you.  You can easily add them to your diet by either eating more fish or grinding up some flax seed and putting it on your morning cereal (great technique).  I think grinding up flax and putting it on your morning cereal is great because you get the omega 3's you need, and you add some fiber which will decrease the blood sugar spike that cereal is known to cause.

Hope that it is all correct.... The clotting and vasodilation cascades I mentioned are a lot more complex than I mentioned, and hopefully they are correct because I'm just pulling them from memory right now.  Any other nutrition buffs out there can correct me if any of my info was wrong!