Drama drama drama (its long)

so i've got this friend..well for now..i donno how much longer i can take it...whose negative about everything. i dont think i've actually had a conversation with her where she has been truly in a good mood..not just being scarastic.


last night i took her to the social distortion concert at my work, for free. she had asked me a month ago when they went on sale, if i would take her if i got comps. i said sure. i didn't think it would be a big deal.

well..not only did she not thank me for it..but she started texting me just before i was gonna pick her up to go for some drinks and food..to hurry up and get her cuz she needed to get outta the house. i knew from that moment on that my night would suck.

so i rushed to get ready and showed up. she lives with her mom who is on disability and was living in a 2bedroom apartment until they could find her a 1bedroom. so my friend was living with her, and paying a full half of the actual rent..while disability paid a reduced amount of rent for her mom. she got a cruise job and was suppose to be gone for 6months..so she took her name off the lease so she wouldn't have to pay rent, but kept her stuff in the room. she was so happy to get "the fuck out of this place" and away from "all my so called friends".....well..after about a month, maybe a bit more, she got fired from the job.

so she came back, in an even WORSE mood than she left the city in. she moved back in with her mom, and then found out that the government wouldn't let her put her name on the lease again and she wasn't allowed to live there. well..she is anyways. she's been living rent free for over three or four months now, the government thinking she is living with her dad and the building manager not really caring as long as she gets the disability money for rent.

she's known for MONTHS she was gonna have to move sooner or later and has been living rent free so you'd think be saving up some money to move...

now her mom has been offered a 1bedroom across the hall, and will be moving in two weeks..so now she has two weeks to find a place to live. so now her life is over.

so i picked her up, she starts bitching about it right away. we get to the pub, she starts bitching about her vancouver trip and all this shit that happened, and how her friends are all bitches and she doesn't know why she's friends with them etc etc.

the whole time i'm trying to put a good spin on things being like "oh well, it wont be that hard. just find a room to rent for a bit, then keep looking for a good place to live and give your notice. you can find a cheap room for the time being, it'll work out" blah blah blah.

so we go to the concert..she's STILL bitching, and i bought her two drinks. i told her they were on me, when she asked how much she owed me, and i still got no "awesome thanks!"

then she informs me that since shes moving, she can't go to warped tour..after i already gave her the ticket, she asked me to buy on my credit card cuz she wouldn't make it ot the box office(which is operated by the company i work for) and that i should find someone to buy it(i'm not going, never was, cuz i cant afford to)..so now she's just told me i'm out $50 and she's not gonna pay me if i can't find someone to buy it!!

we ran into my best friend who was at the show with her boyfriend, and sat with them for a bit while we waited for Social D to come on. me and my friend were talking about our friends wedding up island and she wants to go, but would need to get back for work at 5 on sunday. i said that i'd drive up with her, and leave early if she wanted to go, since there would be no room in our other friends car. the friend i was with, doesnt know either of the people getting married..so when she was talking about wanting to go up to surf and stuff, i didn't say anything..i had already explained that i am driving up saturday morning, going to the wedding as a PAID photographer, camping over night and heading back the next morning...no time to surf or anything.

so the show starts. right off the bat shes bitching again. the girl infront of her was dancing, and i guess she couldn't see the stage. so i offered to trade spots with her..i was there for teh music, i didn't care if i couldn't see centre stage, its a show..the singers moving around. she refused. but then she started to sulk!

so the whole fucking concert, shes standing next to me with her arms crossed, sulking. and then she started text messaging! in the middle of the concert!! so i left to go to the washroom, and spent a good 10mins hanging at the bar with the ushers, who i know cuz i have worked with most of them for the 3years i've been with the company or since they got hired.

i went back in, she's still sulking and still texting. so i just ignored her and tried to have fun.


well afterwards, we go to my parking spot at my work and i drive home. she's still said nothing to me, so i don't talk on the drive just listen to the radio. she's sulking in the passenger seat but i didnt feel like listening to more bitching and complaining..i just spent a good 4hours dealing with that.

i dropped her off and went "sweet, well that was a good show eh!". nothing. she gets outta the car, slams the door and walks off. i just gave her a free $41 ticket, and an awesome seat i might add, and she spends the whole time bitching and complaining and then slams the door without saying goodbye or thanks or anything.


so i went home, slightly buzzed, and ranted to my roommate..who was just as unimpressed..ranted to my guy friend who agreed that i should've taken him instead(only one problem is he lives up island right now and he bruised his foot pretty bad and hasn't been able to walk so he wouldn't have been able to go..which is why i didn't invite him instead)...and to her co-worker whose a friend of mine.


me and her co-worker just ranted to each other about her negative attitude towards EVERTYHING and how it makes being around her horrible and ruins our moods. you can't say anything to her if she's in one of her moods..which is 99.9% of the time..even if its agreeing that whatever has happened to her is the worst thing in the world! she'll still bite your head off.


she was even bitching about how her shifts at work got extended from half days to full days for a couple of them this week. i told her that it meant more money, it would help with her move, she could afford to move. she didn't like that. then i told her that i understand work sucks..that i sometimes hate my job..that i hate working as an usher on the side and working 7days a week sometimes, or working 14+hour days if i have ushering shifts on top of my regular mon-fri job in teh office...but that im just happy i have a job, that i know so many people who lost their jobs or have been looking for work for months...she didn't like that either. just made her bitch more if anything.


so today i wasted my hour lunch, my only break, to walk to her work. i had sent her texts about bringing the ticket with her to work so i could get it to sell it. apparently she didnt get them. when i showed up, she was in the bathroom..so me and her supervisor(the co-worker i was ranting along with) went for a smoke and to chat. when i got back, i could tell she wasnt in a happy mood. i told her i was there for the ticket, which she hasn't paid me for, and she said she didnt have it that it was at home. she claimed she didnt get my texts. so she said "fine..i guess i could go get it" and i was like "yeah that would be GREAT. so i can you know..sell it and get my $50 back" and her supervisior whose on my side anyways, told her to take a break and walk home to get it. i had to go with her, which sucked. she started bitching about moving again, i again gave her the "rent a cheap room for august and keep looking for a good place to move. just rent something temporarily dude" and she spent the rest of the walk in an angry silence. i tried to chitchat about stuff, didn't work out to well.


then he messaged me when she got back, saying she broke half her toenail off somehow on the walk home and the second she got in..everyone heard about it and now shes bitching again. i thought i had been saved from listening to that....


...and then my phone went off cuz i got a text message.





/end rant

Whatever you do, don't let her move in with you!!!!!

rofl don't worry not happening.


not only do i not have a spare room for her anyways, we are only allowed 4 people living in the house because of the by-laws in the area..and oh look at that, we already have 4 people living here :D haha

that is horrible. you would probably have fun acting the way she does (but just to her) maybe she would get the idea to stop complaining

haha no it doesnt work. and when you start to complain, it just makes her complain more and try and make hers sound so much worse than your problem. haha

well she sounds like a bad one to deal with, it sounds like she's the type that always has to be the centre of attention and the worst the situation the more attention she will recieve from those around her. I hope that your future dealings with her are very limited and I can see why anyone would be at least annoyed by her. So hopefully you can make your money back on the ticket.


I feel really bad for you! We all have friends who complain, but not that much! It was nice of you to try to help her, though.

that WAS longggggg