Dramatic Decrease in Insulin Prices?

Anyone know more about the Executive orders that were just passed to decrease insulin cost? From what I understand, there are claims that, with this order now in place, insulin will now be just “pennies a day” or see a dramatic “70-90% price reduction.” Anyone know when this reduction in price will start or anything more about it? Any info is welcome! :slight_smile:

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Hi @CB101 and welcome to TypeOneNation. I saw the headline and the hype, but there wasn’t substance enough to know what how or when. I guess we will wait and see.

@CB101, Christian, welcome to TypeOneNation, also. I agree with @joe, it is too soon to tell anything.


  1. Check the pharmacy’s website, if possible, for changes in cash prices. Here is where you may see action first.
  2. If insurance is in play, you may not see anything until contracts are re-negotiated for the next contract period.
  3. Call both your favorite pharmacy and your insurance company. Asking is taking charge of the situation. Either may be able to inform you when prices may be impacted.

Keep us informed about your findings. The more information shared here, the more people are helped.

Will do! Thanks for the tips and I will keep you updated!