Dream Job! TOO LATE!

I was just offered a job with JDRF today!!! My dream job as it is the fundraising coordinator, I have just took a job with Honeywell Inc. who is a huge company world wide!! I am really upset because I wanted this job so bad and they did not call me in time. I think the right thing to do is to keep my job at Honeywell and continue to offer my services as a volunteer with JDRF!! So depressing!!! Why did they wait so long to call!!!

If you think you are going to be happier at JDRF, go ahead and take the job. If you only just recently started at Honeywell, your brief time there might not make that much of a difference.

Do whatever makes you happy :o) Congrats on getting 2 job offers! That's pretty amazing in times like these :o)

I echo C. You need to do what makes you feel happy. At the same time look at the overall good each job will provide. Congrats though. If nothing else you can always stay involved with the JDRF.