Dreamfields PASTA! Sooooooooooooooooooooo GREAT!


Hey guys!   You must try this pasta if you haven't yet!!!  5 digestible carbs!!!!!!!!!

Ben is so brittle, but he can eat 2 cups of this pasta and NO SPIKE in BG!   zit's worth the higher price!

Delicious Dreamfields Pasta is a Low Carb Pasta, Diabetic Pasta, High Fiber Pasta for any Healthy Pasta Recipe




Ah, but the question is, how does it TASTE? :D

Sounds an interesting pasta though, although I will toss a link out here:


Apparently even though the nutrition label states that the pasta contains 41g of carbs, the carbs are blended with protein and fiber such that the body doesn't digest the majority of the cholesterol.

Ah, food technology.

I sure love pasta! This could definitely be a substitute to regular pasta. LOL this is kinda like Diet Pasta... lol Thanks for the info!!