Dress and pumps

One week form monday I will be at youth camp were I wear skirts all day all week long. Most of them have pockets in the front that I put my pump in. But when my pump is in my arm it will not reach the pocket. So I wear it with out a chlip between my unites and hip. It works most of the time. But when I were skirt's that dont have pocket's like from fittling skirts I just wear it on the side of me. So I dont have a trouble with skirts.

But when I wear dress it is diffent. 2 weeks from saturday. my brother is getting married. I am not in the wedding but I do have to waer a dress. (my mom says I do) I dont know what to do with my pump. Most of the time my pump is in my legs or steamch. the dress I am going to be wearing is lose fitting. But I dont know if I should wear my chlp or not.  This is the dress I am going to be wearing for my brothers wedding. I will be danceing too.

ok....so question....can you put it between your girls.....boobs.....attach it to your bra and wear it there?

Well...my girls are kind of small. but I might be able to do that. I amgoing to wear a dress 2more to church. So I will try it out and let you know how it is.

You might not be able to get it in time, but animas offers a "thigh-thing" for wearing dresses. Pretty much it's just a black band that holds your pump between your thighs. I had one but it didn't work for me because I don't actually have a gap between my thighs..haha. but if you're wearing a loose dress, even if you don't either, it probably will still stay hidden.


I also found this: www.tandjdesign.com/hiddenpouches.html it's pretty much the exact same idea.

I was never able to put my pump in my bra, so I usually clipped it to my waist band.

Another thing you can do is cut a smallish hole in the side of the dress at your waist, sew a hem so it doesn't fray and clip your pump there. I've heard of a lot of people doing that. You could probably take it to a tailor and get it done pretty cheap.

I have one of the T and J Design thigh bands Batts mentioned and I love it! It sometimes slips a little and I have to adjust (just like with pantyhose) but it hides my pump well. I wear it with shorts too and it makes me feel more comfortable than when I wear the clip or exercise band. I don't even know how to go about wearing my pump in or around my bra!

i wear mine in my bra all the time! of course, my girls are kinda large, so they hide it really well! ;)

If you wear spanx or nylons, just attach it to the waist band.  Between the cleavage is good.  If dress is too low cut in front you can also tuck it into your bra, right under your left arm.  It's a teeny bit uncomfortable, but not horrible for a few hours.  

I tryed the under arm thing. I did deal with it cause I was at church but I dont think I couls stand it for the wedding and the dinner that's after it.

Jaimie....  I have a couple of recently discovered options... (1) tuck it (without the clip) into your pantyhose if wearing them (2) clip it in your bra, and gently lift your breasts up over the edges (small benefit of a boost! (3) try spibelt.com.... a unique expandable pouch that works well... I just networked with the company to doante 10% to our local chapter of JDRF and hopefully can work to it going straight to national in the future (ultimately now, it goes to us and then directly to national)... it's a handy product!!  :) Sometimes (although I can't balance things well, I go back to a lantus/humalog pen to accomodate when I have to disconnect, but lately, it's worked well with the above options...

If you don't wear pantyhose... a similar option is to use one of the "control top" type tummy tuckers (just the stomach/thigh option) simply to use as a pump holder (cause they are nice and snug... I'll tuck my clipless pump down the side along my hip and/or top front of my thigh)

Hope this helps!

I wear shorts under my dresses and clip the pump to them. Sometimes, it bulges, depending on house the dress fits.

Btw, pretty dress.

The majority of the time, I actually clip my pump to my bra too, my girls aren't that big either so it does give an extra boost in that department as well (I know, I'm horrible), when I'm in dresses that don't let me wear a bra, I usually clip my pump to my undies.  I use a minimed paradigm 523 and I've never put it on my arm, it's usually my thigh now that I have the CGM.

when I started out on my pump I was only 10 and one of the teenagers they had at this pump information day talked about how she always wore it in her bra and how it was awkward when teachers decided she had her cell phone there because it beeped haha. I've never put it in my bra because I'm just barely an A, so if I put it between the girls I look like I have a uniboob, lol. I normally where a leg band that I got from minimed, but this morning I couldn't find it, and I'm wearing a dress that I made and it has pockets, so i cut a whole just big enough for my pump to fit through  in the inside part of the pocket and now it is nicely hidden and has easy access.

Use some panty hose, and cut off the legs. I'm in chorus and have to dance in a long black dress ( which I strongly dislike, by the way) for every preformance, and It works really well. You'll just have to go to the bathroom to bolus, or sit down near a table.