Drivers ed

has anybody else had 2 deal with getting a doctors note because of ur A1C? ive been trying 2 bring my A1C down from 9 to an 8 for like 3 months and i cant finish the second half of drivers ed ( the driving part ) till i do

i didn't have to deal with that. but i did have a lock on my permit that wasn't officially lifted for about 4 months (they didn't log it in their system) and it took 4 months for my license to come because the department of safety withheld it because the thought i didn't complete all the safety requirements (even tough i did)

i still havnt gotten my permit because of my blood sugar

i never had to deal with that. then again, iowa doesnt have any laws about diabetics needing to have a certain a1c to be eligable to drive.

i dont know if its a law or not, but to get my permit my docter has to sign a paper and she wont till my a1c is a 7 or lower

yea my A1C is pretty high and my doctor is refusing to sign my permit papers, he's not even a real diabetes doctor but he still thinks he knows everything and he does't i mean everyone of my friends know im sixteen and keep asking why i dont have my permit yet and i have to keep telling them thats its because of my doctor and its soo annoyiing!!

i hope this doesn't happen to me! ;) im going to take drivers ed soon!

Wow!  When I was in high school my A1c was like 14 or 15.  I skipped shots, ate whatever and rarely tested.   Despite that I never had a problem getting into drivers ed or learning to drive.  

Once you start driving, a good habit is to test your blood anytime before you are behind the wheel.  Being low is like driving drunk, so don't do it.  Keep glucose tablets in your glove compartment too.  Good luck getting your license.

I haven't had this problem. I only have my permit though. But my a1c is like 7.2 and my dr. keeps tellling me that's pretty good for my age. Hopefully no problems when I get my license.

I just got my license the other day and where i live they dicide if they want to have the responsiblilty for me for the test part. but the good news is that I passed