Drivers education advice

Hi all - my 16-year-old (will be 17 in October) would like to take Drivers Ed this summer.  She has been T1 for three and a half years and is on the pump.  Her controls are generally good, though at the last checkup her A1c was 7.5 (up from 6.4 the prior quarter).  Do you have any advice about the best class for a teen?  I also welcome any other advice about preparing for this big step.  I can't even get her to make the bed, so the thought of her getting behind the wheel of a car strikes fear into me.  Thanks so much!

My daughter took Drivers Ed at her High School. It's all she talked about-getting that drivers license . She got that along with her friends .. It is something to see all these kids that you use to drive everywhere-now driving themselves. It is great that they can gain that independence and do more on their own. The d adds to the regular concerns of them driving though. I told my teen that she had to check her sugars before she could drive off with friends.The excitement of teens and all makes  it a little harder  but I  told her she had to do it. It was for her safety and her friends while she had them in the car.She did really good with her driving for a good while but then she had a wreck..She was fine and no one was hurt,Thank God . The whole thing was upsetting and the car was totaled. It is so hard for them at this age to stop and listen-let things set in their minds,Be Careful ...An accident can happen fast and look out for the other driver...... I don't know about the best class for a teen-maybe someone else will :) They sure grow up fast,don't they ??  Best Wishes :)