Driving with diabetes

so im 15 years old and i have wanted to drive for a long time now i have been diabetic since i was 3 and my family knew that could pose an issue to get me on the road. i talked a bit with my CDE yesterday and i have to fill out a huge packet and have it signed by a ton of people then renewed every 3 months. did anyone else have to do this or fill out anything for a license?

The requirements vary country to province/state to city I believe.


Where I am, I had to either get a form filled out by my family doctor (at a cost of $150 to me) that asks a bunch of questions about my current diabetic control, health, etc OR get my doctor to write on a prescription pad that my diabetes is under control and there is no concern with me driving.

I went with the note because it was cheaper (aka zero cost to me) but it had to go through an approval process by the ICBC head office before I could take the driving test (wasn't told that, so I ended up going, finding that out, not being able to take the test and having to re-book which was a pain).


The downside to driving with Diabetes is that if you have an accident and they find out your blood sugar was low, you pretty much get blamed for the whole thing...but as long as you either check before you get into the car to drive (especially if you recently had a low or you tend to go low), you really shouldn't have a problem. You also learn what driving does to your level over time; ie I can't drive for more than an hour or so on any highway without a break to eat a snack or without having juice to drink, because I'll go low but it doesn't happen when I'm driving around town.
I've never really understood why people get all "up in arms" about a diabetic driving, as long as they are smart about it and are taking care of themselves. I knew a girl whose mother wouldn't agree to let her take her written test (for her learners, we have a two step system in my province) until her A1C was 6. I guess it was a way to motivate her to get her A1C down..but I thought it was pretty retarded and my mom wasn't a fan of doing that. I don't believe she ever ended up taking her written test either..


I'm confused as to why is your CDE giving you a form to get filled out. Is it from the licensing department where you are from, or is this some internal form they deal with before they approve you to drive or something? I would contact the licensing department in your town and find out what requirements they have for you to take your driving test before I'd fill out the CDE's stuff.

I didn't have to go through anything when I got my permit and then my license. Before I renewed my license for the first time, they called my endo's office who verified I had good control and could sense my lows, otherwise I didn't have to do anything. That was over 10 years ago, so maybe things have changed since then. 

Sounds like a giant pain in the ass if you ask me, but I can understand why they do it... I guess. :o)

Call your local driver's license office to clarify what is needed.

I live in Ontario and have been diabetic since I was 10.  The only question they ever ask is "Do you have a condition that impairs your ability to operate a motor vehicle?" (or something like that) and then it lists some examples and diabetes is one of them.  I once answered 'yes' and the clerk asked me "And how does it impair you?"  I said it didn't because I have good control, and she said that I should check off 'no' from now on.  So that's what I've always done.

I agree it probably depends on where you live.

I have been driving for 13 years -  I have to get my endo to complete a drivers medical form for me every three years, as the province I live in requires this. I have never had any issues, the big thing they want to know is how good of control my diabetes is (i.e. any frequent "severe" lows).

Just make sure you test your blood sugar immediately before you drive, if its a long trip make sure you test in between, and of course always keep something in the vehicle to treat a low.

nope! But I live in Arizona--they basically don't care.You should move here! 



I'm in the US and have had drivers licenses in Colorado, Washington, Illinois and Oklahoma.  While I've had to mark on the paperwork that I'm diabetic, I've never been questioned about it or had to do anything else. 

The advice to always check your blood before driving is really smart.  Driving low is basically like driving drunk, so just test and treat if you need to.

Im 16 and my doctor said i have to check my blood surgar before I drive.

I lived in Pennsylvania when I got my first license,  I don't remember if I said I was a diabetic anywhere, but I didn't have any extra paperwork or a delay of any kind. I moved to New York, and they totally didn't care when I switched my license. There may have been a box to check, but they didn't ask for any information about my endo or anything.

I'm in MD and while I wasn't a diabetic when I got my license, there's nothing that I've had to do since getting it renewed at 21 and losing it at 24...so yeah, pretty much what everyone else said. It varies depending where you live.

so i talked to like 2 doctors my CDE and my driving school teacher and i finally have the info thanks for the help i hope to get my permit on monday!

so what info did you get? I'm always interested in what different provinces and states operate! :)

well my mom descided i have to wait til next monday but i had to pass a test saying i havent passed out or had an episode in 10 years then i had to get 3 sheets filled out looking at my mental status and diabetes history then a bunch of doctor signatures and such but apparently all i need is a ride to the DMV :P im still so excited i really want to drive my mom wont let me even drive up our driveway.