I just got my license a week or so ago and I was wondering if any one had any tips from experience. (Having to do with diabetes) I always try and keep some kind of food in the car in case of a low. Anything else that you find useful? Thanks!

Check you sugar before driving to be on the safe side. I keep a small bottle of sunny d and glucose tabs in my console. Be safe : )

ABSOLUTELY keep stuff in your car at all times and ALWAYS check your blood glucose level before driving. There was a recent study published in Diabetes Care examining this exact issue and the number of automobile incidents that occurred per person was astounding. I have had several close calls and one wreck myself. CGMS is also an option that makes a big difference. Its actually been my lifeline and has saved me way more times than I can count.


The most common cause of death for young people with type 1 diabetes is vehicular accidents.