Dropping low at night

So a lot of the time i wake up in the morning with a high bg. The doctor told me that im probably dropping low at night... soo i agree because of course hes the doctor and would know... but y dont i wake up in my sleep when im low? Like shouldnt i feel my normal symptoms and wake up???

I have had this problem as well.  If your doctor doesn't have a CGM that you can temporarily wear, try doing it the old fashioned way:  (and yes, this is such a pain and not fun to do, but at least you'll know what's going on!)  Set an alarm for every hour, wake up and test.... but don't do any insulin correction.  Also, don't eat anything for 3 hours prior to going to sleep.  You don't want to do any insulin correction on the spot, because you want to see what your body will do naturally.  I hope this helps!!

I did the cgm! lol i was always dropping low. they keep ajusting my lantus and insulin and keep saying things will be better once ur on the pump

Speaking from my own experience, things are so much better on the pump.  The downside of having this "thing" attached to you all the time is far outweighed by all the benefits, for me.  For one, I can adjust my basal pattern overnight....  one ratio for 6pm to midnight, another for midnight to 4am, and another for 4am to 8am.  Overnight highs and lows are gone, for the most part!  :)

I cant wait for mine! November 20th i get it! and that sounds amazing! I cant wait for better control and a way better a1c then my 14.9 right now!

november can't seem to get here fast enough, huh?  my highest was around 13.something.  you will get it down.  you will make us all proud!

yesss haha im sooo ready!

Yay!  That's very exciting - and right around the corner.  It takes some getting used to, like anything, but I know you will love it, and feel so much better all around!  I am looking forward to getting a different/new pump before the year ends.  Can I ask which one you are getting?

yesss! IM getting the medtronic paradigm 722

It takes a while at times to get things sorted out. Your Doctor will help you sort stuff out. It takes time though especially depending on where things stand with your own body, growth, and everything else. When I started on the pump it took me a while to get some of the nighttime lows sorted. I was hitting early morning highs as well, not always linked to lows so I had to adjust. That is the beauty of the pump it can help you out big time.

Neat!  I looked at the Paradigm pump but ultimately chose to go with the Ping.

I love my Ping.

I hope I will love mine as well!  Hopefully getting it next month.  :)

Well once you get to that point, if you ever have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks Brian... it helps knowing that others have smoe of the same problems as me and im not alone. and yes im so excited for the pump!

Thanks, I probably will!  It looks like you're also using the same CGM I plan to get.  Great minds think alike, I guess!  Haha.

The Dexcom is an amazing CGM. 98% of the time I like it.

So is the pump truly as AmAzInG as people say it is??   It's got to be better than needles.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that the pump is infinitley better than needles - at least, it has been for me.  So much more freedom in when and what I eat, I can adjust my basal pattern as many times during the day as I need to (instead of being stuck with whatever dose I took of Lantus, etc.)...  my A1C has come down a couple points as well.  (I had been at around a 10 when I started, as I recall.)  The downside of having to wear this "thing" all the time -which was what prevented me from getting it for so long - is so far outnumbered by the flexibility and control it's given me.  I can't say enough good things about the technology.

I have to echo Kim on her thoughts. There are positive and negatives with pumping. I truly liked the freedom it gave me and it was able to help me stop having mid-day sugar crashes/black outs because of how my Humulin/Humalog played with each other. I am celebrating just over a year with my pump, started it July 18th of last year. I can honestly tell you my numbers have improved slightly on the a1c level, not that they were ever truly bad, but I know that the a1c is more reflective of a constant sugar count of being around 90 as opposed to all the lows that snuck up on me and dragged me down.