Dropping sugar tonight and she can't eat any more

This is a bad evening. My daughter was at 168 before dinner. She ate tortilla chips, salsa, a taco and a burrito at a Mexican restaurant. Also had a diet coke. Had one unit of Humalog. An hour later she was at 45! A juice box and a snack and she was in the 90's in 15 minutes. Got above 100 for a while. We have been feeding her graham crackers with peanut butter and granola bars until she can't eat any more and she is dropping again. Now she is at 88 and can't eat. I don't know how we are going to sleep tonight and that won't be good for her sugar either.

She has complained about not feeling well all day. Maybe she is getting sick. 

if im ever REALLY low at night my mom gives me juice mixed with sugar, i've had it before during the day, there is not too much of a difference in taste!

i know this is much later than your original post, sorry there weren't too many people around last night to help you.

you can always use a glucagon kit if she continues to drop and you can't get her to eat. there are side effects associated with using a glucagon kit (you can read the instructions with the kit). when my kits expired, i always took one apart and played around with it so i would be comfortable showing someone else how to use it (just a tip for future reference).

also, just checking her blood sugars consistently will help you. hopefully, she didn't continue to drop over the night, and you (and she) would have been safe from scary lows. also, if all else fails, you can take her to the ER and they can give her a glucose drip through an IV (a less than pleasant experience for a small child). i'm not sure if they would treat her while she's in the 80s, but you could always take her in, explain the problem, and they might help you monitor her sugars. they would be able to take fast action should she drop suddenly or drop low and stay low. 

Also too late for you because I'm responding the next day but ... when I'm low and can't eat anymore, I drink juice, esp cranberry juice. It has lots of sugar but it's a liquid so it's easier to get down. Then, I'll set an alarm if it's before bed and wake up in a bit to eat something long lasting once I'm not as full.

Aren't before bed problems the worst! :P

try using the glucagon without using the whole thing oly give 15 units through a syringe and it will hopefully put her liver in action quickly while u try to get her to drink more(cant remember what this is called my endo told me i think its like mini glucagon something on that line)

About 1:30 am last night her glucose rose over 100. I checked every half hour until she was over 100 for an hour. 

I called the on-call endocrinologist last night and he said she HAS TO EAT. No drinks. Recommended PB&J. She didn't eat

any more after that post and she started to rise 2 hours after her last force feeding;)

The Dr. said to cut the Lantus back to 5 tonight so I did. She is again in the 80's before bed after being over 200 after dinner. Her first high in a week. 

SHe again is too full to eat. I managed to get her to eat a bit of peanut butter and a few slices of banana and a granola bar. Sugar is dropping

She missed her morning soccer game this morning and i think she will again tomorrow. 8 Am is too early after being up so late. 

By the way we did not give her Humalog with breakfast this morning and she stayed about 100. She had pizza for lunch and 1 unit 

and was about 120 all afternoon. I guess her pancreas is randomly producing insulin. 

Maybe the Lantus is doing this and we should give it in the morning. I didn't think we need to give food with Lantus. 

She just tested and is now at 64!. It's 11:30 and I am giving her a juice box. She does not feel well. SHe is protesting about having to eat. 

This sucks.

I don't understand why she can't drink instead?  Juice is WAY faster than food.  Peanut butter is a protein and proteins will slow down the rate of sugar absorption.  If she is willing to drink juice, I'd let her.  Once her sugar is up, she may feel more like eating something and you can worry about it then.

She could drink but the doc said that it won't last long enough to get her through the night. They want slow carbs and protein to keep her going all night.



What I've always been told is to drink the juice (or eat hard candy - something fast acting) to get me back above 100, then to eat something with protein/fat that will get me through the night. 

Lantus does not have the "flat action" that is claims to in most people - it also doesn't last 24 hours in most people (it's more like 18.) It usually takes around 2 hours for Lantus to start working (but again, everyone's different). If she's consistently low at the same time after taking her shot, moving it to the morning might help a lot. 

When I was on Lantus, I was taking it at 1 pm. For me, Lantus worked for about 20 hours - so I could just give myself a little extra humalog with breakfast to help cover the period of time that lantus wasn't doing its job. 

Good luck figuring this out. It's no fun. 

I agree with the endo's rec to lower the insulin. When I have a low b/c of lack of food or because of exercise, it's easy for me to get them up ... usually only treating once. But lows caused by too much insulin can go on and off for a few hours for me. I find them so hard to get back up!

Have you looked at her short-acting before dinner ratio? If you cut the lantus it could bring her up before bed, but make her run higher at other times. The dinner ratio would just target the few hours after dinner.

We have been giving almost no Humalog the past 2 days and she has been between 140 and 200. The Lantus is down to 5. She was at 68 this morning . Gave her a juice box and got her up to 90. She then had one unit of Humalog at breakfast with 50 carbs, none for lunch because she was going to play soccer at 2. She was 140 to 160 during the game. Gave her one unit for some strawberry shortcake dessert after dinner. It seems she is really having a honeymoon. They should change the name to a divorce. To me that is what is happening anyway. A divorce from the pancreas. 

This is higher than she has been all week. 

Today is the one month anniversary of her diagnosis. 

We'll see what happens tonight. 

When we were at Family Diabetes Camp they mentioned something about an "extended bar" that they give to kids who have problems with night time lows. I did not find out any more about it because we do not have that problem anymore.  It releases sugar throughout the night to keep them up.  Ask your endo about it at your next appt.  Maybe that will help during her honeymoon period.

I agree with you about calling it a divorce.  I hated Emmies honeymoon period.  It made it so hard to avoid lows and with something that is already so dificult to figure out the honeymoon period just made it harder.

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 4)


this is the bar you're talking about, meg. i used to demo them at hy-vee. i can say from personal experience they actually work. went to bed one night at 81 and woke up at 88.

When my daughter is having the same problems I give her a few fruit snacks and chocolate milk.  The fruit snacks are fast acting carbs and the chocolate milk is a slow acting.  When she needs carbs in the middle of the night I will give her one of those boxes of milk that do not need to be refrigerated.  I just sit her up in the bed and put the bendy straw in her mouth and she drinks. 

SHe was kind of high all day today compared to usual but was able to go to bed at a decent hour. Cutting the Lantus has helped. I think it needs to go up a bit now maybe one unit. The extend bar is interesting. She' would love chocolate milk,. Does that last long?

The chocolate milk works wonders.  Depending on the carb count she does not always drink the entire box.  If I don't have one of the pre-made ones I just make chocolate milk and stick a straw in it. 

My son is 3 and was diagnosed at 15 months...we wouldn't have made it this far without chocolate milk. :)

We used 4 oz juice boxes followed 15 minutes later with regular milk to treat night time lows. She was on nph at first tho now I just juice her. It brings her up and keeps her up to make it through the night.