When I was 1st diagnosed sevral years ago, everyone in my elementary school was walking up to me, and saying, hey arent you the girl with diabetes? and all the people my age would call me a druggie.. needless to say I wasnt very impressed.. first of all i was a new person to that school, and I was having enough trouble making friends, not untill I started Hi School this year, did I make some friends, now a couple people from my old school will walk over and sit next too me just cuz they wanna hang out, It might suck at first, but Diabetes has made me mature faster in some ways, as it does to all of us, and your friends will depend on you for that ability..

You sound like you have the right attitude!  Its sad that diabetes had to make us mature a little bit faster than our peers, but not always a bad thing!

As for the druggie thing?  I tend to be really sarcastic and would always just agree with them and laugh it off! 

If someone is trying to make fun of you and you laugh it off and don't act bothered by it then it does not give the bully the satisfaction that they want!!

It is all in ones perceptions about how one respongs to comments such as this. It is a pain in the butt to deal with.

I for one went along with the druggie gag, but in a sense we are all druggies. Just that the drugs we do are legal and prescribed. So if you are referred to a as a druggie, yes... yes you are. It is society who has given the name a negative image. What we do is all legal!