Drunk Guy in the Public Restroom

So I was at this nice restaurant with my family. I went into the bathroom, checked my blood sugar, and pulled out my syringe and started drawing up some humalog. Just as I was holding it up to the light and flicking the air out of the syringe, this drunk guy (I mean, wicked, borderline belligerent drunk guy) bursts into the restroom. The door slams into the wall, then shuts. He mutters something under his breath. Honestly, I think I got a little drunk off his fumes. After stumbling a little he looks at me, waves his hand, and says, "Dude, dude..don't do that. You don't gotta do that, man. Drugs ain't good for you, man. Just put that stuff away." I swear to god I heard him puking as I left. haha

Hahaha :D

Oh my goodness, this is the funniest thing! He sounded completely off-your-rocker drunk!

Elie, that is priceless!