Dry hands?

hi everyone! i have been a diabetic for about 2 1/2 years now. i have recently been having problems with my hands being incredibly dry… i know that might sound strange, but since i wash my hands & use hand sanitizer a lot in order to keep my hands clean for testing my sugar, my hands are always dry! & i hate it!! i want my hands to be soft, but i know the hand washing & using hand sanitizer is pretty inevitable because of keeping my hands clean for testing. i don’t know what kinds of lotions, hand lotions, etc. that any of y’all might have tried but, any help or suggestions would be great!!


After only a couple of years of diabetes, that’s probably not the cause of your dry skin. That hand sanitizer stuff can really do a number on skin. Try to use the overnight hours in your favor. You can use a super thick lotion like Eucerin or Neutrogena Swiss Formula, followed by a thin coat of Vaseline, then put some of those night gloves on, and you’ll see a difference within a few days. Make sure to work it into your cuticles, too.

i wash my hands & use hand sanitizer a lot in order to keep my hands clean for testing my sugar, my hands are always dry!
Washing with simple soap & water or even just plain water is a reasonable thing to do before checking your BG (Blood Glucose) with a meter. Using hand sanitizer, not so much.

The best case scenario is your hands are uncontaminated before the test and the hand sanitizer does not interfere with the result. But if your hands are already contaminated with something that might interfere with a BG (Blood Glucose) test, hand sanitizer is most likely to just smear it around a bit rather than remove it.

While I try to wash my hands before testing at least a few times during a day, I also don’t always bother to wash them if I believe they are already “clean enough”. For example, if I test while in bed I’m not going to get up to wash my hands before I test unless I’ve been eating fruit or handling glucose tabs before the test.

If you are in doubt about whether you hands need to be washed but you are in a position where you can’t easily do that, the best suggestion I feel I’ve seen is to wipe away the first drop of blood and use the second. Just washing with water and no soap (if it’s not available) and then using the second drop even better.
Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose: The Use of the First or the Second Drop of Blood

But I’d skip the hand sanitizer. The main benefit from using it most likely accrues to the company which sells it.

I once saw a post from someone who suggested a pre-test washing product which was “guaranteed” to not interfere with BG test results. When I looked at the ingredient list I found that it was a “solution of water and 0.9% Sodium Chloride”. In other words, it was salt water. :slight_smile:

a thin coat of Vaseline

I have a memory of watching a bunch of “talking heads” on TV discussing … well, I’m really not sure any longer.

But one of them said that the most effective product on the market to treat dry skin is Vaseline.

I think it’s pretty obvious why people use the (expensive) skin creams instead. But your suggestion of treating your hands and then putting on gloves sounds like it would contain and thus work around the biggest problem with vaseline. :slight_smile:

Yeah, in my 30+ years with T1 I have not been super careful about sanitation when checking my BG. Soap and water works best, just make sure they are dry. My biggest concern is making sure there’s no residue on my finger, because even sweet-smelling lotions contain extracts or sorbitol that can throw off the numbers. I’m not ashamed to say I utilize the old “lick and wipe” method frequently. : )

I’m so glad to see after my almost 26 years that i’m not the only one that is like this!!!

Gold bond diabetic lotion works great. I saw results just after a day of using it!

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