Dude STUFF........ with the ladies

My brother Jakob has diabetes too, and he is worried about his pump interfering with his relationships in any way. Any tips?

My girlfriend didn't mind it...and she's now my wife. It can easily be taken off whenever you need, which only leaves the site. If she cares about that she has way more issues than you may know about, so get out while you can!

Best bet is to take the pump off during intercourse. That way any of those issues that could come up, will be avoided.

it was embarrasing. the first time my girl and i ever did anything (we were eachother's first), the first time we went that far, my blood sugar dropped and "equipment" stopped working. it was bad. luckily, she and i are still together haha

haha...wow it would be hilarious to sit around and talk about all the times that has happened to us! glad she was understanding!

The canula ( if that's how you say it) after you disconnect the pump can be sharp and scratched my girlfriend a few times then I made sure to clip on the protector cap and all was well.  It's also a good idea to insure them that they really cant hurt it and that it's a soft plastic needle inside.

Yea, I agree with Chris.  I always disconnect, but sometimes it the site scratches my wife.  I've never used the "cap" I always throw them away.  Long ago, BM (before marriage), I used needles and did not feel it was necessary to say anything until it seemed necessary.  It typically was not part of my top 10 to talk about.



I find the biggest issue not to be the pump site spot interfering, but the dreaded low bG interfering with performance.  So keep a snack bedside!

wow ya'll have this pretty well covered already, lol -

In my college years I used to use a mini-fridge as my night stand  - one bottle OJ and sweet spreadable foods... I started pumping with the Omnipod and while it has been accidentally ripped off a few times i've not had it cause any problems - the lows during do need to be planned for - just in case... :)



That's true and i agree "brian in oxford" but my nurses and things i have read is to treat it as exercise and to have a small sugary snack before