Dull SureT Infusion Set Needle

A few weeks ago I was having a very difficult time inserting my SureT needles. For whatever reason, the needle hurt like a mother going in, or wouldn’t puncture my skin, forcing me to open another set. I tried different parts of my body, thinking maybe that area needed a break. This happened again a few times. I started to worry that my skin was becoming hard and leathery, or maybe I needed to try a different set. But I just started pumping in Februrary and it hasn’t even been a year since I’ve been on insulin. I called the helpline, asking if it were possible the needles were too dull. She told me that she had never heard of such a thing and that maybe I should try pintching up my skin before inserting. I personally didn’t think that this would help and it didn’t. But she did agree to send me out a new box if I return the rest of the unused sets from the prior box. Since getting the replacement box, I am not having any issues with insertion, which makes me think that the needles were too dull, explaining why I was having such a hard time and why it felt like I was being torchured when I did manage to get it into my skin. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

The help-line agent led you to what I would have suggested - try a different batch number.

Over the years I’ve had a few defective infusion sets - like when trying to do a small initial prime before inserting the reservoir into the pump I couldn’t get any flow even when applying heavy pressure. The sets were readily replaced - over night express by Medtronic with a label for return of defective sets.

I doubt that your skin and sub could be leathery and tough within a year of starting on insulin - it took more than 20 years for my upper thighs to get that way while using [nin0disposable] dull “horse-needles” hundreds [thousands?] of times when I first began.

I’m happy to hear that the issue no longer exists - stay in touch, this community is here for you.

Medtronic has posted a notice about T-Sure Infusion Set needles and notified registered users. Here is the link: