Dumb Insulin Pump Mistakes

Ughhh! So I had to come home this Wednesday from school due to blood sugars that were out of control(actually had to call someone to pick me up because I didn’t feel safe driving) I was freaking out! Nothing like that had happened to me since I was a kid and I called the doctor, couldn’t figure it out. Then this morning (after waking up at 4AM with a bs of 51 mg/dl) I was drinking my coffee looking at my pump, writing down my numbers for my doctor and I thought to myself, “why does this say PM, it’s not night, that’s dumb…” duh, duh, duh…“Oh crap, no, I’m dumb!” I’ve been getting my basal rate for the day during the night and the basal rate for the night during the day! I realized I changed the batteries last week and when I changed it my pump freaked out for some reason and I had to reset the time and date and must have accidentally switched the AM/PM! Sooooo DUMB!

What kind of pump?

Laurel, that is a bummer!
does that mean you delayed before you inserted the new battery after you removed the “run down” one? My pimps, all Medtronic, have retained the date and time for several minutes during battery change; I will need to observe in the future to make certain my time is correct.

It’s a Medtronic but it’s years old, I believe it’s a 722. It usually switches over with out any problem, and I didn’t delay when changing, I think it’s just old. Luckily I’m actually waiting on training for my new pump which is set for next week. I’m actually laughing at myself now, I’m switching over to a Tandem t:slim which has a rechargeable battery and it also arrived last week, I’ve been so excited about it I guess I just wasn’t paying attention! I’m really laughing at myself now and feeling dumb at the same time! I think laughing at yourself is the only way to deal with mistakes like these.

Wonderful Laurel that you can laugh at yourself = that may be how I’ve been able to get through 58 years of this stuff.

As I read your first post, I checked the AM/PM on my pump because I’ve been getting some “off” readings today - my problem I’m blaming on “brittle”.

Good luck with your new pump - why are you changing pump types?

not to compare or minimize… but it’s hardly a dumb mistake. using lantus instead of lispro is a dumb mistake. forgetting you don’t have your pump on at all, and then having to drive home,… is a dumb mistake getting on an airplane for a 3 day business trip to Durham NC with only 100 units in your pump and NO SUPPLIES, is a dumb mistake.

the way I look at it is this: you start out life with a full bag of luck and an empty bag of experience. Your objective is to fill the one bag without emptying the other!


I had to reset the time and date and must have accidentally switched the AM/PM!
If you set the pump to use the 24 hour clock instead of AM/PM then I think you're less likely to bump up against that one. If it's 10 am in the morning and your pump reads 22:00 then you're gonna know you crossed your wires. ;-)

Like others have said, it’s good that you can laugh at yourself! I have made so many dumb pump mistakes I have lost count. My latest was last week when I put my pump on after my shower, then about an hour later got into my car and noticed my tubing dangling down between my knees. Yup, never actually clicked it in, and hadn’t done that in years. The worst was years ago I was doing some yard work and got really sweaty, and found out I’d clipped my pump to the inside of my shorts instead of the outside. Since the Minimeds are so pathetically NOT water-resistant, my pump stopped working and I had to get a new one. I kick myself sometimes, but then I remind myself how god-awful much stuff we have to remember to do day in and day out, and I give myself a break!

Hi Laurel! I have the T-Slim and it lets you have multiple profiles, last week I went to work and changed it to my work profile and when I got home I forgot to change it back to everyday! So I had high bs and it took me a week to figure out why!

Dennis: I’m switching to the t:slim for several reasons. First, it seems to be a little more durable/water resistant than Medtronic, like Angivan said, I’ve had the experience of wearing it the wrong place and getting it sweaty and having it break down. I also liked the option of different profiles (although like calibound97 said there’s always the possibility of forgetting to switch! Scary!), but with lady hormone fluctuations I like the idea of having a different profile depending on where I am during the month rather than going in and having to change everything manually. Also when I hike(which I do often) I notice I need different basal rates depending on if I’m going up hill, down hill, or a relatively flat surface, the profiles might make that easier. Lastly, the fact that I can plug in to charge the battery and download the numbers means I’m just getting that much closer to my ultimate goal of being part robot :wink: LOL! (this is how I make myself laugh) But it is cool you can plug it in and it will download your numbers, I HATE carrying around log books, so not having to is a huge plus for me.