Dumb Questions People Ask

I have been diabeteic for over 3 years now, and one thing that i hate is when people ask me dumb questions. The worst question i have ever been asked is, "do you still have that sickness thingy?"  ha ha! i just want to say "no i got rid of that months ago!!" But insted i have to tell them that it isnt a sickness... and that i have to live with it :( 



My favorite was in High School, "So now how exactly did you break your pancreas?"

when and if people ask me those questions i usually laugh it off it doesn't bug me all that much. 

People who usually have NO clue about diabetes.


"So if you eat sugar you'll die?"
"I pee a lot does that mean I'm diabetic?
"You're low? Do you need insulin?"

My favorite is "Where'd you catch it from?"

oh my land my favorite is "you are low? do you need insulin?" my best friend's ask me that all the time when i say i am low.

Hahaha.  i love it when people ask me where i caught it from =P

Hahaha.  i love it when people ask me where i caught it from =P

Well next time they ask you who you caught it from I would just respond... I have no clue but if I ever figure out gave it to me, man I will be pissed at them.

I think it's funny when people cringe away from me and hold their breaths near me thinking it's contagious so I have to say, "It's not contagious,"   They are still freaked out...


depending on my mood..when someone asks me a dumb question, i laugh in their face.


for instance i get this one alot

someone: "OH MY GOD! Are you doing heroine???"
me: "..Yes...thats right..I'm shooting up heroine in plain sight..in my stomach..want some?"
someone: "OH MY GOD!"
me: "Haha..you're too amusing retard. It's insulin, I have juvenile diabetes."
someone: "......oh."



Diabetes is not contagious, but stupidity is. It is really sad that so many people are ignorant about this disease, let alone other things.

Thats a good one =P    butt its pretty sad when people  ask those kinds of quesions

I have an omni pod, and most of the time its on my arm I love hearing OH MY GOD whats that!

when im at school teachers are alwayssss yelling at me to "put my cellphone away" but its my pump. its really annoying and embarassing infront of other people

I laugh when people say "where to you inject? In your vein? lolol

I laugh when people say "where to you inject? In your vein? lolol

I'm trying to enjoy the "dumb" questions I am asked.  It is not easy sometimes and usually my response is to give some education about Juvenile Diabetes but I can usually see that most aren't interested in the facts.  Most people are confused about the types of diabetes and usually associate T1 as an overeater, ate too much sweets as a child, got from a relative, etc.

The most annoying question is when I have to explain why I stopped working several years ago because of too many 9/11 calls at home and work and a few other complications.  They usually follow up with a response like "I must have it really bad!"

People automatically assume I have type 2 diabetes when I tell them I was diagnosed when i was 19...thinking JUVENILE diabetes is only diagnosed in young kids....therefore I get asked...

"O wow your not that fat, How big were you??" People assume that if your diabetic you were "fat"at sometime in your life. I also get asked if I ate a lot of sugar when I was younger.  It's actually quite funny.

I've had someone say "I thought only old people got that"

I've also had old people who have no idea there are two types of diabetes if I'm on insulin...Well duh!

I've also had people ask me if I have diabetes really bad...No, it's not a serious case, it'll go away just like a cold!

About the pump cord: 'So is that what pumps the blood?'