Dumb Questions People Ask

I love the "you're low? do you need insulin?' yah that seems to be a popular one.

but the one that actually bugs me which is not really a question so much as a comment... "your're blood sugars are high?... oh then you must be really hyper." What?! NO! That means I'm not using the sugar its just sitting there making me feel gross...exactly opposite of hyper. arg

One of the comments I get, Perk, is "but you're used to shots." I kind of went off on someone a bit today for saying that. Unfortunately, I suck at communicating my ideas within the time of their attention span, so it was a lost cause. I'm still contemplating asking them about it versus just letting it go. Again.

my favorites are when I'm low and someone asks if i need to take insulin or when I'm high and they ask if I need to eat something. lol. it's like, uhh try the other way around..

yah Alyssa ... the whole ... you are used to shots thing annoys me too... you just feel like asking them would you ever get used to shots... arg... again.  Instead you say 'yah I guess' when really you are fuming inside.

I get annoyed when people assume that because I use a pump my diabetes is really bad.  Um, no, not exactly.  Grrrrrr.

Also, when people who know that I use a pump get completely shocked that I occasionally have a 300+ blood sugar.  Yeah, it happens.  My pump and the insulin in it aren't cures.

i get the shot question all the time. "you must be used to it?" this was back when i was on injections. now that i am on the pump i think i have rekindled my fear of needles. *shivers* i never realized i was scared of them until now.

Honestly, when I tell people I'm a diabetic, people ask, "So does that mean you need sugar?"

What the heck are they thinking!? That I need candy to survive? 

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I laugh when people say "where to you inject? In your vein? lolol



Five bucks if you write on the pump iPump (instead of iPhone) =P

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I laugh when people say "where to you inject? In your vein? lolol




Five bucks if you write on the pump iPump (instead of iPhone) =P



oops, meant to quote the entry before...but about the vein, I get that ALL the time too!

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Honestly, when I tell people I'm a diabetic, people ask, "So does that mean you need sugar?"

What the heck are they thinking!? That I need candy to survive? 


I usually get "oh, you can't have any sugar right? that's lame."

uhh..yeah I can't have ANY sugar at all..which means I live off water and air...


yea my favorite it when people ask if i need insulin when im low or sugar when im high. My friends all know that i have it though, so if im doing insulin during lunch people will ask what kind of a phone i have (cause i have aa pump) then my friends will joke and say something retarded like "no her blood pressure is high so she is shooting herself with heroine" yea then they walk away really confused!!

one of my friends pretty much asks me everyday if im "high" or not, because of the heroine joke from one day and they took it seriouly and now they wont let it go...so yea

So, on every diabetes website I've visited there seems to be a long list of people posting the things ignorant non-diabetics say to them about their diabetes. Whether they're confusing insulin and low blood sugar, asking how they got the disease or if they'll die if they eat sugar, the questions are all amusing, true.


But...do we deserve to call these people ignorant?


There are a hundred diseases I don't know ANYTHING about...why should everyone understand diabetes perfectly just because we have it?

The act of simply asking a question doesn't make a person stupid -- we all ask questions and we all DON'T KNOW a lot of things about a lot things! In fact, I appreciate it when someone asks me about my diabetes because the act of asking a question implies they want to learn! They're curious, they're taking an interest in you and your life, and it's your job as the person who knows so much about the disease to educate people around you.


I didn't know anything about diabetes before I was diagnosed with it, why should anyone else?


I get the "but your thin, I thought only fat ppl get that?" question all the time or "So what did YOU do to make that happen"or "How long are you going to live for?" Or "So you can't have anything that has any sugar in it?" (yeah too bad that everything has sugar in it)

I totally agree that ppl ask questions because they are curious about it and you should try and teach them and I am definatly all about trying to teach ppl but when they ask really dumb questions without thinking before they ask it. Its pretty frustrating and can be hurtful.

"...Its pretty frustrating and can be hurtful."


True true true! You're right. Its unfortunate though because a lot of the time I don't think they mean for it to hurtful, and we just really wish our friends understood more what it's like to have diabetes.

Let's see if I can remember them all. lol Having it for 22 years gets you a nice list.

  • So high blood sugars, you can die from that? - Technically yes, but I'd need to have consistently high blood sugars for a couple of years consistently.
  • So how do you deal with no sugar? - Or variations of such.
  • So when you're low you need a shot? - This one makes sense, a little, although they don't know the difference between a shot of insulin and a shot of glucagon, which must have made the rounds on promotional material for diabetes at some point.
  • Does that hurt? - For both hand testing and injecting of insulin. One of the first things I mention is I've had it for over 20 years. You think I would have gotten used to it by now.
  • Are you allowed to eat that? - Sort of a variation on the no sugar one, but it's been said about a number of foods.
  • Are you ok? - In response to blood sugars below what they've seen others have. Some have been decent questions, like when I am 3.0mmol/L, but others have been considerably higher, like 8.0mmol/L. They will invariably ask multiple times, for some reason not believing me.

That said, most often when I meet people and let them know I'm a diabetic I do the whole 'informative discussion', especially if they're someone who's going to be around me a lot and needs to know these things. I let them know what I usually need, and what likely happens with me. Usually it's very specific to emergency situations, but fortunately don't happen often, if at all.

Also, to demonstrate the stupidity of a diabetic friend (given that we're looking at the 'lack of awareness' of a lot of non-diabetics) I'll recount a short anecdote.

Type 1 diabetic. Highschool. Computer class.

Him: *walks in with a bottle of orange juice*
Me: Oh hey, [name]. Where are your sugars at? *looks a little concerned*
Him: Eh, I just checked them. I'm 16. [mmol/L]
Me: *blinks* Uhhhh... juice?
Him: Oh, yeah. I just change the setting on my pump. *changes pump setting*
Me: Ooook. What's your HbA1c?
Him: Last time I did it I was 28. *chuckles*
Me: *eyes bug out* Wait... what?

I swear. I'll be surprised if he doesn't have secondary complications yet.

People always ask if testing your fingers hurt. Its quite annoying after awhile. Once my teacher actually argued with me about it diabetics are allowed to have diet soda.

Can i catch it from you? was the one that bothered me the most.  Wish people were not so ignorant about diabetes.

Ha ha!!! There very werid then. I mean seriously.Thats so mean in a way you know. Thinking Omg since u have it im ganna get it. And why would they think its contagious? They have no clue what diabetes is i guess. Poor you and thats just rude if they do that.

people ask. "do you have the kind that can have sugar or cannot?"

oh, where do you begin.

I don't mind when people ask me questions, I'd rather they do that than just assume something. I was the first diabetic in my school district, in my family, in my husband’s family, basically almost everywhere I go so I’m used to "teaching". A few times now when I’m at work and need to go grab a snack because my sugar is low they always ask if I need insulin, or they will ask me if cheese or almonds will help. I tell them over and over how it works, I’m worried one day I might actually pass out from a low and they will try and give me insulin… or cheese!