E Z Manager

I tried to do a search for the E Z Manager that goes with the Ping and could not find anything . I know there are members that have it and want to find out if it works easily and is worth the investment.  Anyone out there using E Z Manager for the Ping??? Please let me know your thoughts.

you have to have the pump before you get the software (it comes in the box with the pump). the software is really easy to use---pretty user friendly. when i first got my ping over the summer, i immediately downloaded the software and just played around with it for about an hour. i basically just clicked on all the tabs and went through all the different screens so i would be familiar with it when i needed it. it has a lot of nice charts and graphs to help you establish patterns in your blood sugars.

good luck using it :o)

Thanks for the input on the E Z Manager. My son has been using the One Touch Ultra Smart software and I love that. Both the ping and One Touch are Johnson and Johnson products so I thought maybe my present software would work. I am still awaiting an answer from them. What i love about the present software is I turn on the meter and plug in the unit and it checks the serial number and allows me to download the info on the meter. I can also put in diet, medical tests and visits etc and it does give some great charts. I am hoping the EZ Manager is like that. It was great on my last visit to the endo. She asked about numbers and I just showed her the last 30 and 60 days - she put them in the computer she uses and she was grateful that I took the trouble. She told me so many times people forget the logbook or the meter etc. 

I am hoping the Ping makes my son's life a bit easier - if it does my life might be easier also.  I appreciate the help. 

It is very easy to download all of your info using EZ manager.  You can download just BG from meter or all info (BG, bolus, basal) from the pump.  It is user friendly and there is a number to call if you need assistance.  The endo loves when I bring my lil white binder with all of my info.  I think it helps with getting the correct rates and ratios.