Ear periced

My mom and dad say that I have to want intell I am 18 to get my ear's periced, But I want to do it next year for my sweet 16 birthday party...I though u guys could help me with some advice

I had mine pierced when I was 10 (8 years after diagnosis). When I was 13 I had a second set of holes pierced in my ears. Both sets healed perfectly well. I have no other piercings though.



Have you asked them why they want you to wait until you are 18? I have two daughters, 19 and 10. My older daughter has had her ears pierced since she was really little, and my younger one has no desire to get them pierced. But, if she did want it, I'd probably tie it to an incentive - like if you get all A's and B's next semester in school, or keeping her room clean for a couple of months straight without my nagging...

If it was me, I'd ask my parents the reason, then if they seem at all negotiable, see if there's something you can work out with them.

Michelle, I did ask them the reason why they dont want me to get them pierced, they said cause of ur diabetes....I have been a diabetic for 11 year's

i was diagnosed at age 5. my first ear piercing was at 8, second at 14. by the time i was 21 i had 11 piercings (my parents made me wait until i was 18 to get all the others). i let one close, so now i have 10. i've never had an infection or any side effects. i also have 2 tattoos with no problems. i think your parents simply don't want you to pierce your ears. you only have a few years until you are 18 - it may be best if you respect their wishes until then. something simple like ear piercing may not be worth the argument :o)

hey............i want to get my ears peirced again so bad cause i think mine grew up?

before i attempt to what should i do to prepare

C, Thanks to the advice, i am trying to get it done when I am 16 for my sweet 16 party with my friend's

Show them you are doing good on the snack thing!!! Give it a little time and try again. Here's one if when you ask again, if they say not yet. Don't do anything except smile and say OK I Love You. To me they sound like they care and love you very much, maybe a little too much, but that's me!!! LOL

after all you have been through you deserve it!

keep trying! :)

I was diagnosed at 6, I had to peirce my ears twice(first time they got infected cuz i was like...8 and didn't take care of them). I have since gotten 11 peircings. I didn't have a lot of trouble with any of them(i stopped cleaning them early generally, cuz i got lazy but i would recommend not), but you do need to be a little more aware of them than most people. If they don't feel good, are pussing green or are really red and sore...go to the piercer and get them checked out. Usually it's nothing, but it's always good to double check.

also, make sure you go to a tattoo/piercing parlor as oppose to claires or any place that uses the gun to pierce. the gun will cause you get an infection more likely than going to a clean tattoo parlor that uses needles to pierce.The gun's can't be cleaned 100%, so there is often blood left from the person before and bacteria on them which is dangerous. The needles, on the other hand, are individually packaged and then thrown out.

If you have an appointment with your endo soon, I would recommend bring it up and getting their medical opinion, often that will help.


OR you could do what I did when I was 16 and wanted to get my cartilage pierced. I told my mom she had two options..to take me to a clean, highly recommended tattoo parlor(the same one I got a few other pierces later on and my first tattoo) and sign the waiver or I could go to the piercing parlor next to my school that would pierce me without her present or her signing the waiver and likely get an infection like 90% of the kids who had gone there had happen to them.

(I don't really recommend the last one. It worked for me, but that's because I was a total bitch as a teenager and knew how to feed my mom's fears to get what i wanted)

Hey Jaimie,

  I got my first holes done when I was a baby, and wasnt diagnosed until I was 6 so that doesnt really count..My second holes I got pierced when I was about 12, and they got infected because I didnt take care of them or clean them, not because of my diabetes. A few years later I got them redone, and no problems! I also got my belly button pierced when I was 15, and again, no problems. I have 5 tattoos, and everything went fine.  Just make sure you clean everything good like any other person and you should be fine. But I'd talk to my endo if I were you just to ease your parents fears :)

wait until you're 18 and then you can do whatever you want.  it's not that far off.

I was diagnosed at 19 and got my ear peirced at like 22 or so.  I didn't like it and have let it grow back.

another option is to go with magnetic ones until you're 18.  They sell them at ear ring shops.  I have some.

Emmie was diagnosed last October and we had her ears pierced in December.  No problems at all but we made sure we kept up on the cleaning.  We did check with the endo before we went and she said no problem.

At your next endo appt ask the endo in front of your parents, then they cannot use that reason anymore.  If you don't have an appt for a while ask your parents if you can contact the endo to ask.

-Meg (Emmies mom, diagnosed 10/29/09 at age 4)

I got my ears pierced at 2 with no complications but that was before diagosis. I got a second after diagnosis at 14 or 15 and those also had no complications. And I will be getting one about 4 or 5 more in the cartilage. I did ask in a previous forum about complications and there were very few so your parents shouldn't be too worried from the diabetic aspect.


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Tell them how you feel, ask them what they're reasoning is but stay calm and respectful. Hope it goes well.

I got my first set done when I was 5, second set around 10 (same year I was diagnosed), third when I was about 16 and I got one at the top of my ear at 17, then my eyebrow pierced at 19.(went through a phase)  everyone of them healed with no problems.  I would say there shouldn't be a problem as long as your sugars are under control and you take care of them properly.

I was diagnosed at age 5. My first piercing was age 8 the second at 16. I did have some minor issues with the second one but as long as I wear 10K or 14K gold earrings they're fine.

Maybe you could work out some type of compromise with your parents.

i got my periced where i was 13 & i have no problems.