Early preg lows?

Hi all!


It's been a year or so since I've been active on this forum...had my lil Lani girl 15 months ago. :) She is happy and healthy...a very successful pregnancy!

At the beginning of my 1st pregnancy my blood sugars were out-of-whack like most people's, but they kept going higher and higher. (They usually go high after I ovulate and then fall dramatically the day my period starts.) My husband and I are trying for #2 and for the past week my blood sugars have been much, much lower than normal...makes me very hopeful that I may be pregnant again! Still a few days early to test, but I can't help but be anxious and excited.

Anyone else experience lows so early??? 

Thanks, all! So glad to be back participating on this board. :) Porter

Congratulations! That's wonderful. So happy to hear you had a successful and healthy pregnancy! Did you end up having a natural birth or c-section if you dont mind me asking?

I will be 21 weeks this Friday. In the first 3 months, I was experiencing unexplainable lows every single night. My doctor said it had nothing to do with the pregnancy, but I disagree. I had to adjust my dose of Lantus from 15 to eventually 11 units a day to avoid the lows. Now that I'm gaining more weight, I'm increasing the dosage again and haven't experience any random lows so far.

Good luck!

I had lows in the first trimester but I also had bad nausea in the evenings and rarely ate dinner.  Hard to know what caused the insulin decrease.